Best fashion hacks to dress for less

How much is too much? This is often a question that we often ask ourselves, especially while dressing up. With so many fashion trends rising up now a days it is ideally super difficult to gauge what is right and what is not at the moment. More than right or wrong here, it is more about what suits you as an individual. But mostly the fashion trends that come up cost a bomb to follow. It is here when we all require fashion hacks.

It’s not always that one is willing to spend so much and you shouldn’t even. So I thought of compiling a few tips and tricks that would be really helpful to a lot of you out there.

Here I am sharing a few ideas with you all by which you can dress the best without actually spending a bomb.

    • SELL WHAT YOU’RE NOT WEARING – Often we have tonnes of clothes lying around that we do not wear anymore. There were not a lot of solutions to this issue earlier but now it’s easy breezy to do the same. A lot of apps and websites have come up with an opportunity where you can actually sell your old clothes and earn with the same. When you get cash for your old clothes, use it to buy some new, off sale ones and you are good to go.

  • BUY DURING OFF SEASON – The end of season sales are the best times to fill in your wardrobes, I am totally a sale shopper. As absurd as it may sound, buy shorts and dresses during January-February and buy jackets and over coats during July-August, these particular clothes are not weather appropriate so are mostly available on heavy discounts. This will not only get you a large variety of clothes but also save you a lot of money to spend elsewhere.
  • TRENDS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE – Trends are something that keep changing with time. As much as we all want to keep up with the latest trends we should understand that it is not meant for everyone and not all body types can suit every latest trend. It goes for all of us and not any specific body type. . Some trends might look good on you while the others might not and it’s totally alright. Never go that extra mile to forcefully try on something just because it is in trend.
  • DON’T BUY CLOTHES TO FEEL BETTER – Don’t shop for the high, to build your self-esteem or to fight off a moment of boredom. The good feeling you get by buying new clothes is temporary, ineffective and expensive. Its just a temporary phase that we mostly give in to. I do this always and then instantly regret.

These are a few ideas from my end that would definitely help you keep up with the fashion trends without having to spend a bomb on your pocket. I hope you found these useful and if you did then please let me know in the comments section below.

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