Importance of extra curricular activities

In today’s world, the mounting pressure on children on proving their academic excellence and also being on top of the game has left them lose interest in other activities. Teachers and for that matter even certain parents have never been seen, where they are encouraging their children to follow their passion and not just focus on mere studies. Extra curricular activities are equally important for the over all development of a child.

Here are five reasons why you must not overlook the significance of extracurricular activities in your child’s academic life.

1.    Provides a break
All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy. It’s good for children to concentrate on academics but it also results in stress and boredom. Hence, there is nothing better than to engage them in extracurricular activities to give them a much needed refreshing break.                         2. Develops thinking skills
While children indulge in learning through books , it leaves no place for developing thinking skills. Extra-curricular activities enhance critical thinking, especially when they are posed with various challenges and have to find suitable solutions within those situations.
3.    Enhances social abilities
These days, our children are becoming unsociable creatures. Participation in extracurricular activities will make sure they get an opportunity to meet like minded friends, break social barriers and share a healthy bonding with them.
4.    Boosts self confidence
Irrespective of the fact, whether your children like to draw and paint or play cricket, being appreciated for something other than academics will uplift their self esteem as well as mood. A confident child is better equipped to take on the real life challenges with vigour.
5.    Brings out the hidden talent
Academics is typically an acquired flair, however every child is gifted with a special talent.  But not many can truly recognize it. These activities in a true sense help in bringing out the best.

Talking about extra curricular activities , A few days back I came across an app for kids called ” PLOWNS

Plowns is an app that helps parents showcase & develop their kids’ extra curricular skills.
98% kids have genius potential before they turn 3, and this number reduces to 1% by the time they turn 16. Plowns helps parents save & harness their kids’ genius potential by giving them a platform to showcase their child’s creativity to the world & helping the child receive appreciation from across the world filling them with happiness, confidence & self-belief.
A community of parents from across the world who want holistic growth for their children, Plowns lets parents, teachers and schools store and share all the creative work made by children.


* Create an account & start uploading. You can upload your child’s drawings, paintings, craftwork, school projects, home projects, writings, fancy dress photos etc. This ensures that you have saved your child’s beautiful creations forever & will be able to see/relive/relish these creations even 20 years from today.
* Every upload can be seen & appreciated by the Plowns community of over 30,000 users whose stars/comments on your child’s creations will motivate the child to keep doing the things he/she loves.
* Make sure you select the right category for your child’s creative output while uploading (e.g., drawings/ crafts/ photos etc). This ensures your child’s creations are stored category-wise and not lost on Plowns.
*You can also follow your favorite child artists on the Plowns app, show your love by starring/ sharing/ commenting on their work
* Find new content & new skills in the “Discover” section. This will help you take you in guiding your child in his/her creative development
* Every upload made by you & stars/ comments received give the child points which reflect in our leader board. Your child stands a chance to move atop the Plowns leaderboard or win their Artist of the Day crown, which will fill him/her with pride.

It’s just basically like having an instagram account but for kids. I have already been using this for over a week and loving it. It makes sure my little artists masterpieces will be intact as a memory even 10 years down the line.

So parents what are you all waiting for? Hurry up and follow them on INSTAGRAM , also head on to their website RIGHT HERE

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