You are worth a lot more

Iv been home since the past 2 years after I had my baby.and I was perfectly ok staying at home.According to me though i was doing great as a mother,i felt i was loosing myself somewhere as an induvidual.I started to feel worthless and like life beyond my baby had no literal meaning.On one hand where i was in a way trying to prove myself to be a great mom on the other end i felt like my life did not have any purpose.From a talkative and a happy-go-lucky person i started slipping in to become a “mind your own business” kind of person.All i could see was boredom.All i could feel was boredom.I somewhere felt that this was just not what im all about and i need to step up to make myself feel better but at the same moment i felt that worthless tag over powering me with every possible way it could.


I was blessed with a loving husband who helped me in every possible way he could.I liked talking but i was always more expressive when i wrote.The only thing i wrote at that time were text messages.I literally used to go all gaga over explaining stuff to my friends over messages that at times they would out of the blue appreciate that i wrote well.One of my friend,Neha literally pushed me into starting a blog.At first i thought its something i would never be able to pull off.But her efforts made me do so.I felt better suddenly.Not completely ok though,but a lot better than what i was feeling before.It started getting addictive.It was somewhere where i could just pour myself out.Whatt better way than words.After this i felt that when you feel worthless,or at least that’s what your mind makes you think,there are a few things you should consider before drowning yourself in a place where you don’t really belong.


There are times when you might feel that you are not contributing to the family income.Remember your doing much more than that by managing the house.If one of you,say your husband is earning then you are also doing the same.


A lot of times this thought crosses my mind that the whole day I am so messy roaming around in my pyjamas.My hair not brushed.I look like a homeless sleep deprived human.That is because i am busy working hard on my child for now so that she can out shine everyone in future.


It might make you feel even more worse seeing somebody else managing things much better than what you are able to do.Dont forget that everyone has their own issues and barriers in life.Be happy and supportive of others.


I remember the time when I felt so miserable about myself and thanks to a few people around who contributed to the same.Now when i come to think of it i feel it was important to go through that in a way to feel good about myself now.I feel like i am the most confidant person now.Never feel low.Try to feel the best even when you feel worthless.


This is something most of you must have heard a million times.But personally after going through a sort of turmoil I felt it is right.Your happiness is actually in your own hands.What you can do for yourself,nobody can.Take up something that gives you solace.There are a zillion things in life to choose from.Keep yourself occupied before unwanted things take over your mind.




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