How women in business are taking over

It wasn’t until very late that a woman stood up for her gender and declared that all women should be treated the same as men. It was evident that women were not born to be slaves meant to satisfy a man’s desire. From then , the march for women’s rights has made tremendous gains. Women are better represented in the workplace and run millions of businesses worldwide. Here are the 4 things that led to women ruling the business world.

Women embrace their femininity

Women are beautiful and strong. Stories of brave women were becoming more and more common in the early era. Yet, in the workplace, women were shying away from their feminine side. Men looked down on women who wore pink or because the traditional woman didn’t demand respect. The issue with that was that a woman shouldn’t have to be a man to live and thrive in his world. A woman should be able to embrace her femininity without losing respect in regards to her work position

Gender gaps in education

When it comes to college education, women are taking the lead. 72% of recent female high school graduates enrolled in college while only 65% of males enrolled. If this gap continues to increase, it will no longer be the man’s world. It will be a woman’s world.

Women now hold 62% of Masters degrees, 50% of law or medical degrees, and 42% of MBAs. They are letting their voices be heard across the nations.

Smart investment choices

If there is one thing that men feel like they dominate, it is the stock market. Far fewer women invest their money in the stock market than men. Studies show that women invest less and are more conservative in their stock choices. The stock market can be an intimidating idea and for women who haven’t invested yet, it’s daunting. Women naturally want to know what they’re doing before they do it–they are far less impulsive than men and so have more potential when it comes to outperforming men in the stock market.

Even though fewer women are investing in stocks, they are still making more profits from the stocks that they invest in. Women outperform men by 0.4% in the stock market. This is because women buy and hold. They choose the right stocks at the right time and then hold onto them.

Becoming business owners

With time as we saw women emerging in almost every field, it was evident that nothing could stop them now. From running a home to becoming business owners. Who would have thought about it? No one I guess but still it happened. Such a women is Chrissy Weems. You can read more about her on her website.

Men will need to watch out in the next couple years. As feminism is rising, women are becoming more and more vital to the business world. In a few short years, the business world will be for the women.

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