Top 5 diaper brands in india

Diapers are one of the most important things when it comes to baby care.Here are the top 5 diaper brands in india





Top 5 diaper brands in India

The name Huggies is almost synonymous with disposable diapers in India. Huggies has reached far and wide owing to its attempt to understand the market and adapt its product accordingly. High capacity absorbent material is used in the diapers. The diapers, feel soft, smell fresh, and the good quality absorbent material lets your baby remain dry and happy for quite some time.


Top 5 diaper brands in India

Pampers diapers are comfortable, of good quality and aim to provide value for money to the customers. The great leakage protection with this brand offers optimum satisfaction.  They are highly absorbent without a lot of bulk, and fit snugly. Besides this, Pampers often come up with various discounts and schemes to encourage the parents to try disposable baby diapers.


Top 5 diaper brands in India

The pigeon baby diaper has soft absorbent woven inner layers and breahable back sheet that keep the baby’s skin dry all the time.It is super absorbent and prevents leakage.It also has a unique fit design that fits the baby’s better well.


Top 5 diaper brands in India

The Wipro baby soft diapers have good absorbent capacity due to a unique super gel absorbent system which quickly absorbs moisture deep into the diaper. Hence it keeps the baby’s skin dry and comfortable. A new variant from Wipro Baby Soft are the cloth feel diapers called Wipro Baby Soft Dry Care diapers. These diapers are more economical but without compromising the quality.


Top 5 diaper brands in India

Pant Style Diapers: Mamy Poko is a Japanese brand of baby diapers that have been recently launched in the Indian market. It is a pant style pull up baby diaper and does not have stickers (tape style) like the conventional diapers. So you don’t have to stick the two ends of the diaper together. The aim is to make it more convenient for use especially if the child is active or resists when you make him wear a diaper. These diapers are soft, comfortable, dry, and lightweight.


The Indian baby diapers market is at a nascent stage due to the high price of diapers as compared to cloth nappies. Many parents feel cloth nappies are definitely better for the child as compared to the disposable diapers but disposable diapers offer convenience and cleanliness. There are several baby diaper brands available in the stores. Almost all of them are soft, comfortable, and keep the baby dry for a few hours , so choose the diaper based on your need, convenience, and liking.


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