Toddler temper tantrums

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Today after a very long time I wanted to talk to you about something that all mothers have been through.And let me tell you it’s not a very pleasing site.Im talking about toddler temper tantrums.How one moment they are so happy and at peace and suddenly they cry their lungs out and our brains out.RIGHT ?!

If we look at it from a toddlers point of view,imagine how frustrating it would be when you can’t explain what you want or why are you so upset.Thats exactly what a toddler goes through.The frustration slowly goes on to become a tantrum.


  • Hunger – The main reason all of us can think of is definitely hunger.How we adults tend to get so restless on feeling hungry.It is the same with the baby.Due to their little appetite they have small portions and tend to feel hungry very soon .
  • Boredom – concentrating on a particular thing can be very frustrating for a toddler.Their concentration levels are still not very focussed ,hence they get bored very easily.
  • Lack of communication to express feelings-Now we can’t even begin to imagine how irritating it gets when somebody does not understand what you are trying to tell them.Ultimately toddlers get cranky very easily because its hard for them trying to explain the same thing again and again
  • Fatigue – A toddler is always running around everywhere and usually get tired too soon.Its important for them to have good rest/sleep during the day as well.Else their body starts showing symptoms of tiredness
  • Need to assert independence- toddlers are literally rebels.Mine is definitely one out of them.Kudos to their confidence.It seems they are quiet confident of themselves once they learn a new activity and express no desire of being helped in the same.
Toddler temper tantrums


  • Nap time is important – usually after becoming a parent there are always chores that are left undone and suddenly when you plan to finish them off ,just before leaving the house you find your toddler asleep.In such a case its a very bad idea to wake them up.Sleep is very important.Adequate sleep helps them remain more energised and happy.
  • Don’t say no- children now days are very smart and clearly from a very young age understand what no means.Cut down the need to say no.Instead of shouting at children to avoid touching expensive things around the house, child-proof your house in advance so that you and your toddler can enjoy a relaxed play time indoors too.
  • Give the cold shoulder- As rude as it sounds,at times toddlers know that if they cry for a certain thing they will be tended to.If you really think that the matter is not serious try engaging the toddler in other activities to divert his mind.It’s perfectly ok to not listen to toddlers at times.
  • Power of touch is soothing-We all have been in situations when our toddlers literally start going out of hand crying.They are at that moment in a zone where they will neither hear you nor see you.Pick your toddler up.Touch helps them feeling calm.

These are definitely the things that i personally try to do while calming my little one.She is one drama queen i tell you..

I hope you all found this post helpful







27 thoughts on “Toddler temper tantrums

  1. Very true. I have now come to believe that when babyT is fussy it means he needs my help to overcome. I try not to lose it then. Keeping a cool head helps solve it half the time.

  2. Perfect posts. You have nailed it Taranpreet. Howsoever cute they look but with their tantrums they can bring the worst out of their own self. Completely agree with you on every word here.

  3. Such a relevant post in today’s time… i had my episodes of tantrums when my miss was a toddler, and as we are a nuclear family I had no one to advise tell share etc… somehow I sailed thru that awful time.
    Great post.

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