Only if you are ready to have a baby

The first and foremost question that every married couple has to face after some time being married is”so when is the good news”? Here good news does not mean any good news, it literally means when are you planning to have a baby.If you are married and living here in India then I’m sure you must have had this question thrown at you a lot of times.Here the society decides that ‘oh its high time you marry’,’oh it’s high time you have a baby’ and yet again ‘oh it’s high time you have another baby’.We actually do not need to worry about anything because the society has everything planned already. Rather than listening to the society, you should be the one to decide. You should plan and go ahead with the same, only if you are ready to have a baby.

Only if you are ready to have a baby

There are people around all of us, some who are more than desperate to have kids and are not able to conceive due to some reason.And then there are people who can conceive but are according to them not ready to have kids.I always take special care of not try to ask someone this awkward question ever.

Leave alone having random people around.I have had this experience with friends and family around.That, on asking when do you plan to have a baby, they abruptly reply that they don’t like kids.It was a little odd to me honestly because I was someone who has always loved kids.I wondered how can you not like babies, it’s just weird.But today when I myself am a mom to a 3 yo I realize what it actually takes to be a parent.The cuddles and kisses are fine but there is much more than this to be a parent.

If today I heard the same thing from someone it wouldn’t sound that weird to me.For obvious reasons.Though I was crystal clear when I decided to have  baby.No confusions there.Even though certain people even after years of being married don’t wish to have kids, they have to do it for societal pressure or most of the times under family pressure or maybe just to prove to everyone that look there is nothing wrong with us.We are a family now mommy, daddy, baby.Even here one child is not enough and putting the family pressure here again at fault they decide to have another baby.Have you ever in your life heard of an excuse lamer than this? Until and unless you and your partner are ready to have a baby, you just should not.It’s the worst thing for you both and the baby.

It does not end here.Then such couples leave their babies(which they had under family pressure) to maids.While they are to busy acting like they never had kids.The child suffers.Does this in any way would satisfy somebody’s family or society.It’s ultimately the child and only the child who has to suffer.If this is what the future holds for the poor soul then why even have a baby in the first place?

Having a child is the biggest responsibility ever.You yourself have to see if you are ready.Financially, emotionally in every aspect so that you don’t have to regret this later.As the child grows so do the responsibilities.You won’t be able to run away from them no matter how hard you try.Schooling, tuitions, a good lifestyle is ultimately your responsibility to give to your child.This is the least you could do.Often people are so pissed and upset after having kids that without realizing they pass on the same thing to their kids.

Being a parent is a 24*7 have to sacrifice your sleep.Handle the tantrums.At times not sleep the whole night while the child is sick.Run around the house just to feed him a meal.A child ultimately looks up to his parents as his role models.Be what you want your child to be.Act how you want your child to act and lastly think what you want your child to think.Rather than putting pressure on anybody around us wouldn’t it be the best thing if we could just leave it up to them for when they want to have a child?


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