I’m glad i did not celebrate my child’s first birthday


Becoming a parent in itself is such a fulfilling feeling.You feel you have accomplished everything and that there is nothing more than this.The first year is all the more special in every way you can imagine because this is the year when the child hits every first milestone.First time walking,first time taking,first tooth,first word,first solid meal and so on.

Along with experiencing all of this there is also something else that we cant wait for.Our baby’s first birthday.It is for sure an occasion for the entire family to celebrate.But ever wondered if it is same for the baby?

Well unfortunately its not.The preparations almost begin from a month ago .While the baby stands clueless of what is going around.Caterers are booked,the best of venue is booked,the best dresses are put forward after all it is the baby;s first birthday.During all of this do we even once realise how would the baby behave in the middle of so many unknown people.Well mostly unknown.

We are so busy planning another occasion for us to enjoy that we hardly think about this.Mostly it is seen that the baby is cranky and irritated firstly because there are so many people.Secondly a one year has a fixed routine of sleeping and eating which definitely goes for a toss.Thirdly there is most likely alcohol on every party and this kind on environment is according to me not very suitable for the baby.

When i was in a position that i had to make a decision.Well i knew the answer already and it did not take me time to officially announce that i wont be celebrating her first birthday.Rather our family was going on a vacation to dubai to celebrate it.It was a little hardwork trying to explain my point of view to the family and friend but it all went well.

I definitely did not my child to go through the chaos and at the end of the day not realise it was for him/her.Taking a family trip proved to be the best decision.Its always good to spend on yourself rather than spending on people.Im glad i did this.

P.S. This is my personal opinion and i by no means am trying to put anyone down.Also i am referring to my situation here.Your reviews and feedbacks are welcome.

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