I used to love my sleep,used to


I was one of those people who loved sleeping the most,it was like my favourite thing to do.When i say i loved to sleep, you can exaggerate it to the maximum point and imagine what i really felt .Sleep was the most precious thing for me.Even during my board exams i used to study the whole night and sleep at 6 in the morning and probably wake up in the evening only because i ,in no condition could study during the day.Also a weird thing about me was that i used to feel the most sleepy during the day,so i preffered studying during the night.

After I got married nothing majorly changed and i slept my way through the new times as well.But little had i known that my life will take a 360 degree turn in such a way that i would actually forget what sleep is.Baby bug arrived bringing happiness to our lives and insomnia to our sleep.I was one of those people who used to be super exhausted during the day and as night approached my body battery would be charged to the brim.I was basically a night owl.I cannot even begin to explain how it felt when I wanted to crash on the bed but at the same time my baby required me to be on my toes.Not at all considering what time it was.Life felt difficult.I coudn’t tell my baby to let me sleep in 5 mins more,though i badly wish i could.There was this automatic inbuilt alarm that came with the baby,for she knew when to cry  and that was as soon as i wanted to sit and relax a little.

I just felt like she knew when i was about to have food,she would poop right then,like spot on.Not a miss by even a single second.She knew when i and Rahul were talking about something,she would start behaving cranky.She knew when i wanted to go to my bed n just sleep,she would trouble me the most during those times.She even knew that i was wearing something nice and new ,she would throw up or poop on me.So the thing was that sleep became a distant dream that wouldn’t turn into reality as far as i could see.

Though feeling all this too I loved my baby bug Amaira the most.she filled a void in my life ,in our lives,in our heart that we never really knew existed.Today she is a 2yo toddler and when i look back at all the times i’ve skipped my sleep for her it makes it all worth it.

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