I am the strongest

The strong woman that I am
The strong woman that I am

They call her the weaker sex.They call her an object.They call her just a housewife.They call her just a working woman.A strong woman is all of this and still so much more than these others will ever know.A woman is a daughter, a wife, a daughter in law, a mother, a grandmother.But before everything she is herself, she is a woman.

Often we see how easily women are treated to be someone who are way less than what men are.That’s because people still are not ready to accept the kind of progress women have made and also excelled in every field.You name it and it’s there.

Being a strong woman myself, since childhood, I have faced a lot of incidents where I just felt like punching the so-called stronger sex, MEN.It was my fault if I chose to wear a skirt to college instead of a denim.It was my fault if I was looking pretty someday.It was my fault if my smile was infectious.It maybe my fault if men were attracted to me.It was my fault if I was confident and did not fear anyone.It was my fault if I was independent.It was my fault if i was married and had a child and still looked like a college going girl.Even if it was my fault, still does all of this give authority to any freak in the world to judge me, to harass me, to make me feel like a sex object? NO

The fault is not with me or any other woman who feels like me.The dirt resides in the mind of people who are so shallow.Inspite of having their own daughters and mothers at home they make other women on the road feel unsafe.I dont ask for it, still I go through this.Just because i am a woman.

Inspite of all this.I am proud of being a woman.The proudest i could ever be.I will still do what i want to.For it is people who need to correct themselves, not me.



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  1. Beautifully sums up this day the world is talking about. I can relate with this like so many women will . Thanks for giving a voice to all of us. ❤❤

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