Getting ready with a toddler

The other day Rahul and I decided to go to the mall as it was our anniversary.Also because of the tight schedule of Rahul’s work and me being busy with Amaira the whole day it had been quite long since we had gone out.

It was around 12 noon.Rahul told me that he’s going to finish a small piece of work and be back by half an hour till then he told me or rather expected me to get ready.So he left.It was just me and amaira now.As I walked towards my closet I heard little pat steps of amaira following me as usual. Btw just if you did not know ,she follows me everywhere.Like even in the toilet.sigh!!mums life you see. Anyway getting back to the point so as i opened the door of my closet she tried to push me away so that she could reach out to something.

I store all my makeup and accessories on the lower shelf that is kind of reachable for her.My mistake i know.After 5 minutes she went to the other room where i had all her toys spread on the floor. As i was about to apply primer i noticed a red little pimple on my chin and it just disturbed me.It was extra red. I took out my concealer and started the process to hide it.Meanwhile i forgot that the little monster was still there. I was so so focused on my pimple i swear i did not notice her secretly sneaking stuff from my makeup shelf.

Soon I was satisfied, I had done a pretty decent job at hiding it.But to my horror as soon as i turned ,my heart stopped.She had my mac lipstick in her hand and also all over her.She had my makeup brushes which she was using to dust the corners of the wall.My perfume bottle had been rolled down under the bed.My compact was in a lot of pieces ,hard for me to count the number.And my makeup sponge/beauty blender was in her mouth like she was trying to chew on it.

I have never ran so fast ever in my life as i did that moment.I didn’t know whether to clean her first or to cry over the things that have been spoiled.I was trying to scold her and she showed me her teeth with her mouth wide open smiling away saying “mumma pretty”.It was actually hilarious.This was the story that took place in half an hour.Not long after Rahul arrived and his reaction was “what the fish just happened here”.As he walked down the room his eyes were wide open seeing the war between amaira and the makeup that had happened.Leave alone being ready ,i was loking worse than before.It took us an hour to clean everything altogether.

We still have such a laugh whenever we remember this day!!

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