I know what you mean

Everybody has the right to choose what they want to do with their respective lives.Work or not work, do a job, start a business.The options are endless.Even after you are a parent, a mom, you have the right to choose if you want to continue to work or be a stay at home parent.People around us have become so insensitive that they actually think that being a stay at home parent means just relaxing.How I wish I could explain that the people who work have a 6-hour job but we as a stay at home parent have a 12-hour job.

I know what you mean. To work or not to work


People who work, often find dumb and weird reasons to put stay at home parents down with lame excuses.They say “why don’t you work and contribute to the household income?” it is here when I tell them that contribution is not always monetary, I give a major part of my life to the house and the family, is that not enough?.They say “oh you have your parents living with you they can take care of your children and you can easily work”.Well, of course, I can but I choose not to.Our parents have done their job by raising us, it is our duty to raise our children, not theirs, of course helping is another thing but treating them as nannies is not.


They think to stay at home parents have a lot of free time, how I wish this was true.But it’s not.leave alone getting free time at times we don’t even have time to finish our meal or comb our hair.They say “what do you do all day at home, you are wasting your degrees and education”.Well, i tell them that”even if being a sahm means this to you I still am proud of what I do or nothing that I do according to you”.They tell me” you should be financially independent for you never know what future holds for you”.Well, i tell them that “I am dependent on my husband financially just like he is dependent on me for his family and his house”.Give and take you know.


How easy it is to ridicule someone without thinking twice.Stay at home moms are targeted the most.But not to get carried away with this.Just like a sahm respects your choice, so should you.There is a lot of effort that goes into making a house a home.So the next time you sugar coat all these things and throw them at me, remember that I know what you mean.Exactly!!



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