Cloudnine hospital launch in Noida

Cloudnine is one of the leading hospital chains in India. After opening 7 successful hospitals all around India, they have finally launched the 8th one here too. The 8th hospital has been launched in Noida this september. Apart from world class facilities present in the hospital they provide services like neonatal intensive care, fertility, gynaecology, maternity, fetal medicine and stem cell banking. I was out of the few lucky ones who got to go around and experience the same before everybody else. We were invited to the hospital on the 30th september and this is how the schedule followed post that




  • 11 A.M – Inauguration will be done by Dr. R Kishore by Cutting the Ribbon.
  • 11.10 A.M-11.15 A.MDr Pawan will invite all Doctors for Lamp Lighting
  • 11.15 A.M-11.20 A.M.Dr Pawan will Invite Dr Kishore to speak few words.
  • 11.20 A.M- 11.25 A.M.Mr. Rohit will speak on- Cloudnine overall and expansions.
  • 11.25 P.M to 11.30 P.M.Mr. Akash Malik will speak on business expansion.
  • 11.30 P.M.-11.50 P.M.Dr. Kishore will welcome all 14 Core Doctors and handover token from Cloudnine.
  • 11.50 P.MOne Picture of all our consultant with the team.
  • 11.55 P.M – 12 NoonDr Pawan will give vote of thanks to everyone .
  • 12 Noon to 12.15 P.M.Photo booth, Facility tour and Open for Lunch




We got to explore the hospital ourselves and it was truely what they have spoken. From facilities to the infrastructure, everything was perfect  



  1. Maternity

    Cloudnine Noida’s maternity experience is crowned by Cloudnine’s signature It’s their Baby Programme, a unique and novel sequence of award-winning workshops, sessions and celebrations, crafted to prepare expectant parents for pregnancy and parenthood.

  2. Fertility

    Cloudnine’s reputable fertility success rates are among the highest in Noida. Their fertility specialists are distinguished for their exemplary skill and unrivalled treatment outcomes.

  3. Paediatrics

    Their paediatric portfolio brims with cutting-edge services and intricate solutions for children – from routine procedures to high-risk interventions. Their around-the-clock paediatric team, composed of the most eminent child specialists in Noida, is always on hand for an emergency.

  4. Gynaecology

    With a full-spectrum range of gynaecology services, their speciality services are designed for every woman, from menarche to menopause.

  5. Neonatal Intensive Care

    As a superlative paradigm in neonatal intensive care, Cloudnine, Noida’s Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is renowned for its ability to successfully treat babies as premature as 24 gestational weeks.

  6. Stem Cell

    Cryonine on Cloudnine is an award-winning stem cell banking service, enabled by Cryoviva. Stem cell banking harnesses the potency of your baby’s umbilical cord cells, to offer healing benefits for over 80 life-threatening diseases.


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or drop down at their newly opened Noida branch to experience the best services. I hope you found this blog to be somewhat useful and if you did then do let me know in the comments below.





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