If you are a parent, you know what the most important thing in a diaper bag is. Yes, you guessed it absolutely correct, it’s none other than baby wipes. Be it for newborns, toddlers, kids or for a fact even grown-ups. This is one thing that is required the most to maintain hygiene, specially with babies. Now here rises the question, which ones to choose? Well, now I will take you through a detailed review of the ones that I have been loving lately. Ever since I came across the #newlaunch mother sparsh unscented wipes, I have honestly been hooked on to these #sensitivewipes  for myself and my little one.

To be honest, I love this new variant of premium baby wipes by Mother Sparsh & testing these 99% water wipes on myself for over 2 weeks. These #sensitivebabywipes are the best that I have come across so far.



  1. GENTLE WIPES FOR GENTLE SKIN – Since I have been using these wipes, I have noticed that these are extremely gentle. Usually, with other wipes, the fabric often starts tearing as it’s not even pure cloth but with these the fabric remained intact and proved to be extremely gentle all throughout the use. What I absolutely love about them is the fact that they are alcohol and paraben free. The wipes are made from the finest natural plant fabric and is perfect to use for newborns. Pure #MedicalGradeCloth has been used to make these.


     2.SUPER THICK CLOTH – Pure #MedicalGradeCloth has been used to make these wipes. Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes             are  also 3 times thicker than any ordinary wipes that makes them best and thickest for cleaning.


     3.KEPT SAFE WITH PLASTIC LID – Usually wet wipes come in a packing with a sticker that can be opened and sealed back after       use. This does not last long as the sticker loses it’s glue after a couple of uses. This further leads to drying out of the wipes. With the             new  plastic lid, the wipes remain intact all throughout the period of usage. Also, this special feature makes it very travel friendly and           makes it so much simpler for parents like myself.



    4. NO SCENT – Mother sparsh 99% water wipes are absolutely fragrance free or #unscentedwaterwipes . It is by far the best and my         favourite feature considering that it is mainly used for babies, kids and newborns. Now a days the market is flooded with beautifully             scented baby products but have you ever wondered if they are safe to use on delicate sin of babies? Well, they are actually not. Mother         sparsh wipes are #unscentedwipes and safe from harsh and harmful chemicals.

    5.MADE FROM PLANT DERIVED FABRIC – On usage, I realized that the fabric is excellent. It is derived from natural plant,               hence safe to use on sensitive and delicate skin too. The thickness of mother sparsh wipes are almost thrice more than the usual wipes.

   6.SAFE TO USE ON FACE AND BODY – Mother sparsh 99 % water wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and is almost     as pure as water. With the toddlers and babies doing so many activities in a day, wipes are a must have at all times. These are totally safe     to use on face, hands or body. Just a gentle swipe and you’re done.

Mother Sparsh to Mother Earth:-

According to Reports, baby wipes that are thrown adds up to 7.6 billion pounds of garbage every year due to which wipes are the 3rd largest consumer item which cause 30% of non-biodegradable waste.  Mother Sparsh wipes are 100% biodegradable which helps to clean the environment as well as baby’s mess.


These were the best key features that I found very helpful in  #Mothersparsh wipes. I’m sure you have used the same and if you haven’t then go and grab yours now, because after all what can be more pure than water itself.

Do let me know in the comments about your experience with these too.


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