4 shoes that you definitely should have

I barely remember where my obsession with shoes started from. Growing up I wanted every shoe that I saw. Even in college, I remember buying my outfits that would match my shoes and not otherwise.  Not all pretty things are great. This is the exact thing with shoes. They might look so good but not all are comfortable.

So today I’m sharing with you all my 4  picks for shoes that you definitely should have, You can buy your favourites too but having these with you will keep you ready for every occasion.


5 shoes that you definitely should have

Now, these are my personal favourite. They are definitely a mom’s best friend and are super versatile. You can pair them up with denim, shorts, dresses, skirts, and shorts. They look super stylish and can be worn in office too. With a lot of color options available these days these are definitely a must-have.

If it’s your first time buying them, go for color options like beige, grey or black. You can never go wrong with black. These can be easily dressed up or down.


5 shoes that you definitely should have

Now another option that is the best when it comes to comfort is sneakers. These are much more comfortable than the proper athletic shoes.Also, I personally love the colorful sneakers that are a huge hit in the market.

They can be easily paired with almost anything and look super chic.


5 shoes that you definitely should have

No woman’s shoe collection is complete without a classic pair of pumps. It is again a great option to wear with almost anything. The two must have colours are black and nude. I have black ones and planning to buy the nude ones very soon.

If you are not the one who would shy around wear pop colours then you can also try yellow and pink. The pointed pumps style is a classic and will not be going anywhere out of fashion soon.


5 shoes that you definitely should have

Winters are on in full swing. Of course, all our favorite pullovers and leather jackets are out. But one another item that is an essential is BOOTS. I absolutely love them. Knee-high boots are forever a classic but recently ankle boots have gained a good popularity as well. Obviously, I am a person who loves flat boots, they are again super comfy for every day but boots with a little heel are great if you want to dress up a little.

So these mentioned above are according to me the definite must haves. With these in your shoe closet, you can be ever ready for any occasion.

I hope you like this and found it informative also being a mom I can never take my mind off my little one so sharing a few tips with you all on dealing with a picky eater

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