5 Super summer foods for kids

Since a few days I had been noticing my little one throwing tantrums during meal time. For some reason she just did not want to eat anything at all. Obviously as a mother it worried me. I took her to our pediatrician, who upon hearing me told us that it’s the summer heat that is to be blamed for this behaviour in kids.

No matter if they eat or not, they definitely spend more of their energy running and playing than what they actually take in. With the scorching heat, this can often lead to dehydration in kids which is absolutely not good.

Here are a few super summer foods that helped me cope with the issue

1. CURD 

My daughter could eat yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a mother, I was really happy seeing this. For me too, raita, lassi or even plain dahi works well and has to be present in every meal. It is a great source for digestion and works very well to keep the body cool from within.  You could even add sugar or fruits as per your kids choice.What else do we need in summers right?


Cucumber usually is accompanied as a salad with most of our Indian meals. This too has great cooling properties and also helps in keeping constipation away. If your kids are being fussy about having a meal, just give them a bowl of chilled cucumber and watch them enjoy their treat. While they have fun munching on it, you too can relax.


Popularly known as nimbu paani, it is mostly every kids favourite summer drink. Instead of packaged juices, give them home made lime water. Vitamin C helps their bodies build immunity and the taste is too good for the little ones to stay away from the same.


My favourite fruit is none other than watermelon. My daughter loves it too. It is usually available all year around in certain supermarkets but the ones you get in summers are undoubtedly the best. They are made up of around 92.5% of water and help you flush out toxins from the body. It is enriched with vitamin A which helps your skin glow and look better.


It is one of the best drinks in summer that improves hair, skin and so much more. It is not only yummy but also a housefull of potassium, electrolytes and plenty of nutrients, keeping the body hydrated and healthy. Try to buy fresh coconuts and not the packaged coconut water off supermarket shelves as they are not pure.

How do you help your child deal with the summer heat? Are their any secrets that you would like to share with others?

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