Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

Anything related to a child or a baby automatically becomes of utmost importance. A baby’s skin is as soft as cotton, wouldn’t be wrong if I say even softer than that. So the products that we choose should be chosen with all the care as there is a chance of them to cause irritation if they are not gentle enough, it becomes nothing short of necessary to choose only #ExtraGentleWipes. Talking about products, wet wipes are something which are a necessity in every new borns diaper bag now a days and so they should be chosen wisely and also should be sensitive wipes. If you look at the market today, it is flooded with tonnes of brands and as a new parent it gets
very confusing to choose the best.

I firmly believe one should always follow ones instinct rather than anything else especially when it comes to the child.  I have tried so many brands initially and so decided to help all you new parents. Here I am, listing for you, top 5 sensitive wipes available in India.


1. MOTHER SPARSH 99% UNSCENTED WATER WIPES – This one has to be my absolute favourite of all times, first reason being that these are unscented. Mothersparsh wipes are extremely comfortable on the skin as they are made from plant based fabric which is of medical grade. These wipes are 3 times thicker than usual and are suitable for both body and face. Mostly all wet wipes that I have come across have been scented, these are the first that are not, they gain an extra point just for this. You can buy them here. Also, these are available on amazon and firstcry.

2. HIMALAYA GENTLE BABY WIPES – Himalaya, in general offers ayurvedic, personal and baby care products that are not just 100 percent herbal but also mild and soothing on baby’s skin. It’s baby wipes are clinically tested and formulated well  to cleanse, moisturize and retain the natural moisture of your baby’s skin. Besides that, it
contains extracts of Aloe Vera to prevent dryness and keep baby’s skin soft. It is 99 percent water based and its components ensure that your baby remains free from infection throughout the day.


3.PAMPERS FRESH CLEAN BABY WIPES – Pampers wipes are not as popular as their diapers in the first place because they are slightly overpriced for the Indian market, at least that’s what I feel. However, they are overall fair enough in terms of texture and quality. Apart from this, they are hypoallergenic. For those of you usually who ignore the price tags when it comes to choosing baby products, Pampers can be an ideal choice.

4. MEE MEE BABY WIPES – The brand with premium quality products in baby care, Mee Mee wipes are manufactured with the high and hygieneic safety standards. These are soft,  again dermatologically tested and are absolutely safe for your baby’s gentle skin. It contains Aloe Vera which helps to keep your baby’s skin well moisturized and cool on the go and its mild fragrance ensures that your baby feels fresh at all times. There are two variants available in the same.

5. CHICCO WET WIPES – It is an Italian brand with a worldwide presence, Chicco is renowned for its top notch baby products. It’s wipes are clinically tested and safe and are free from alcohol, detergents or paraben. It contains natural and soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Chamomile, these wipes are gentle on your baby’s skin and ensures that your baby is left feeling soft and free of skin irritation and rashes. These are easily available at an outlet near you.

The price is slightly on the higher side.These were my top picks for baby wipes available in India. I’m sure you have tried one of these at least and if you have then do let me know in the comments below that which one is your
absolute favourite

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