Top 5 best baby product brands in india

This is very important for new mothers or those who are about to have a baby soon.When you have a baby on the way you have a lot to care about. Stuff like clothes,baby care products,nursery furniture. Luckily there are so many options when it comes to baby product brands, that you tend to get confused.

These are the top 5 product brands according to me that are most popular right now


HIMALAYA- Products by himalaya are Ayurvedic and hypoallergenic.They are lanolin free.The ayurvedic formulation is in fact in abundance with the herbs which makes it all the more safe.

They are made in india itself ,moreover very reasonably priced.their bath range consists of shampoo,baby bath,soaps,baby cream lotion and prickly heat powder.It also offers products like diaper rash cream and wet wipes.


MOTHERCARE-Products from mothercare are again hypoallergenic.mothercare is probably the biggest name when it comes to baby care products.Their feeding range consists of weaning accessories,bibs,beakers,cups,mugs and high chairs.

Their health range consists of humidifier,sun safety,dental care,medicine dispensers,pacifiers in a large variety and also thermometers.

They also have a range of clothing,car seats,pushchairs and more.


CHICCO– chicco is another leading name when it comes to baby care products.

Their pregnancy and breast feeding range consists of breast pumps,feeding bottle,feeding pads and bottle steriliser.

Their skin care range consists of bath time products ,nappy change products,nasal and oral hygiene products.

Their meal time range consists of eating and drinking accessories and food processors.

They also have their personal range for baby monitors,shoes,clothes and toys.

The price range for these are pocket friendly.


SEBAMED– Sebamed offers a large range of products for adults as well as babies.

Their baby skin range has a large range of baby lotion,diaper rash creams,soaps,baby massage oil,baby bath wash,baby shampoo,baby bubble bath,sun cream and also a sun spray.

These re the most highly priced off all the products listed because of their excellent quality.


PIGEON– Pigeon is a global brand that has lately been available in india as well.

Their nursing range consists of bottles and nipples.also they have their liquid cleanser and bottle brush for complete germ free wash of feeding bottles.

Their baby care and grooming accessories include nail clippers,nail scissors,wet tissues,nose pump,digital thermometer and tooth brushes.

These products are too slightly priced on the higher side.

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