Tips to keep in mind while travelling with a baby

Having a baby definitely changes your life. From late night parties to early mornings, from soda bottles to feeding bottles, this journey is super adventurous. But one thing that I and my husband continued even after the baby was to travel. Till now we have been to 5 countries with her, I know not a big number but with a little one, trust me it is. As we all know travelling with a baby can get really tough, so thought of sharing a few tips with you all.

Having travelled enough, here are a few things that are really important to keep in mind before you make your next plan.


1.PACK IN ADVANCE – Usually this is something that we delay till the last moment and soon regret. Packing should be done at least 3 days prior to your trip. It is important to pack in advance because you are never prepared enough when travelling with a child. Often one forgets the essentials in a hurry. Be sure to carry extra stock of diapers, formula milk, bottles, wipes etc.

2. INVEST IN GOOD GEAR – While travelling it gets really tiring for parents to constantly pick up their little ones and walk around. Hence, it is important to carry a stroller or a pram. Most of the times we don’t invest enough in gear thinking it isn’t important while travelling. This is the most important thing one should invest in. It is such a comfort to make your little one sit in a stroller and comfortable walk around without getting tired.

3. IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT – One of the first things to sort out is in flight entertainment. Kids, babies or toddlers, all of them get bored really easily so the best thing to do is carry stuff for them. Keep your i pad loaded with rhymes and their favourite cartoons. Also, you could carry a pack of colors and books or their favourite little toy to keep them occupied.

4. CARRY PLASTIC BAGS – This is another thing that should be a part of your handbag/diaper bag. With babies it is very unexpected when you might have to change their diaper and at times finding a bin nearby to dispose the diaper is difficult. Here is when these simple black bags come to rescue. Also, they could be used as laundry bags to separate your little ones dirty clothes from the fresh ones.

5. APARTMENT OVER A HOTEL ROOM – I have learned my lesson the hard way. My Hongkong trip was almost ruined when I got a box sized room and my little one couldn’t stop crying. You could definitely avoid this by booking an apartment instead of a hotel room. A room will anyway be a room, no matter how big it is. An apartment gives little ones the freedom to move around and that is the only thing they want. Keeping them confined to a small space will just make them cranky.

These are a few things I feel are the most important to keep in mind. Clothes, shoes and basic stuff can anyway be managaed but keeping all these things in mind before travelling your next trip will keep you stress free for sure.

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