Tips for first time house buyers

Buying a house is life a once in a lifetime thing. It’s a decision that involves a lot of factors that should be contributed to the same. It’s something one needs to focus on deeply in order to find the right property for oneself. From the location, to the area, to parking, to neighbour there are so many factors one needs to look into . Here I am, listing a few tips for first time house buyers.


1. Know what you can afford

First off, avoid setting yourself up for disappointment by getting your sums straight.

You’ll need a deposit of at least some percentage of the property price – do not opt for an option that is way beyond what you can afford. It might lead to trouble later on in life.

You’ll also need to raise enough money to cover your legal (solicitor) fees, surveys and moving costs and other repairs that you might want to make in the new house.

2. Get the most out of property viewings

Take your own photographs and use a compass to find out what direction the property or garden faces – south facing is usually the most popular. Take stock of the natural light levels versus the time of day, check for cracks in walls and keep a keen nose for the smell of damp because that is something not easily visible but causes a lot of ruckus if exisiting.

Outside the property, look for leaks or bad guttering. Note how busy the road is, what the parking’s like and the condition of neighbouring homes.

3.Cross check for prices in the neighbourhood –

There are times when you might come across people who might not share a very fair deal with you. Be cautious and check out he prices for the recent properties sold in your neighbourhood. You might get to crack a better deal this way. The prices may vary, it might be higher but if you are lucky they will definitely be lower. So do not skip this

4. Negotiate

It’s still always worth negotiating on the price – as a first-time buyer with nothing to sell, you’re in a strong position. Make sure to use that position well and negotiate on the price. It always works in my opinion. You don’t have anything to lose, at maximum the person might just refuse the offer but nothing more than this.

5. Be clever in your online searches

Now get online and start your property search. In addition to the basic price, property type and number of bedrooms, you can refine your search using keywords – outhouse or parking for example, also for any other information regarding this, please visit Chenoa Fund . This way it will help you benefit much better than your offline research.

Well I hope you found this blog to be useful where you will be keeping these things in mind and if you did then please let me know in the comments section below. Also, before you leave don’t forget to check out my latest blog right here.


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