Things I wish I had known about formula feeding

Breast is best for the baby. We all have probably heard this a million times and I do agree with the same. However, there are many situations when even the best is not an option. I couldn’t breastfeed my daughter due to t certain reasons and all this while I had a feeling of being a selfish and a bad mom, which I’m not. Growing up, listening to everybody around we have thing prefixed statement in mind that says, breast is best, a formula is not. This ultimately means that according to people you should be only breastfeeding and not formula feeding


We don’t have control over certain situations hence I did go forward with formula feeding her rather than just trying to breastfeed and keep her hungry. Here are some facts I discovered on this journey of formula feeding my little one. I just wish I’d known this earlier.

  • NO MOM IS A BAD MOM – Not being able to breastfeed your child does not make you a bad mom in any way. Yes, breastfeeding has certain benefits that can nowhere be compared. But in a situation where a mother has not been able to do, rather than feeling guilty she should know that she has done the best she could. The issues are numerous. At times the job timing is not compatible, at times the baby doesn’t nurse and at times there are severe health issue. Formula feeding your baby is not a crime and it definitely does not make you a bad mom.


  • RESPONSIBILITY CAN BE EASILY SHARED – As much as I wish I  had breastfed my little one, on my journey of formula feeding her I came through a beautiful fact. A baby having a bottle gives you flexibility. It’s not only you who has to run around, wake up at night to do so. Your husband and other family members can come to the rescue anytime. Unknowingly it serves as a lottery ticket for new moms.


  • YOU CAN EAT WHATEVER YOU LIKE – From your favorite wine to the spiciest dish in your favorite eating joint. During pregnancy at times, you avoid specific foods so after delivery you don’t want to do that anymore. Everything is on the menu. You can be a little carefree about what you eat or drink as it will no way be affecting your little one.


  • YOU WILL BE JUDGED ANYWAY – I really thought it was only breastfeeding moms who would get weird stares in public. Little did I know that the same happens with formula feeding moms too. I’m sure you must have felt a little out of place while preparing formula milk in public. You can just make out from people faces about what they are actually thinking. Let them judge.


  • MOTHERHOOD IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST BREASTFEEDING – Being a very important part of bringing up your little one, still, it is not the only thing. Motherhood is about the attention, affection, and love you give your child. Just not breastfeeding them doesn’t again make you any less of a mom.

These were a few facts I discovered on my journey. Before I really felt bad for myself I wish I had really known thee facts about formula feeding. Have you been through the same? Do let me know in the comments below.

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