The art of inculcating good habits in children

A person who has good value and habits is always loved and respected by everyone around him. Manners are something that cannot be taught by formal training. It is something the child observes and eventually follows. For us, as parents, it is extremely important to behave the same way in front of our kids as we want to see them when they grow up. Children are excellent when it comes to imitating their parents in every sense. We are parents should be very alert and careful as to what we say and practice in front of our children.

It is not easy being a parent and especially when you have no help to help with your little one. We are all humans and have our moments. It is important to maintain our calm. We might shout, scream, tell a lie or do a small little act that might affect our children greatly in the long run. My little one is 3 yo but is too sharp to catch things. The other day a friend called me saying let’s go out, I told her I wasn’t feeling that well. My daughter was playing beside me and instantly said:” Mumma why are you lying”?. I was flabbergasted. I really didn’t know what to say.

It was indeed a shock for me to realize that even a 3 yo understand what a truth and a lie is. I made sure to never repeat such a thing again. As much as kids learn the good things from the parents, they learn the bad things from the parents too.


the art of inculcating good habits in children

  • Never bribe a child to behave well else he/she will always expect something in return for behaving well.
  • Children should be taught to be kind and sharing not only to their elders but also to others of their own age.
  • Parents should never lie in front of their kids, even if it’s a harmless one.
  • Parents should understand that giving up in front of a child’s tantrum is not the way to be.
  • Being strict at times is important.
  • Parents should always be supportive of the child’s choices.
  • Beating a child for something he/she has done will never help. Instead talk to them in a manner that they understand they were wrong.
  • Never be too pushy. Each child takes his/her own slot of time to do things.
  • Practice what you teach at your own house, that’s where the children learn the most from.

It takes a lot of patience and observation to teach children the right things. This is what parenting is all about. Like every adult is different, so is every child. Beating a child or being impatient or forcing things upon them will lead to nowhere.

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