How to take care of babies skin needs

One thing that attracts me the most about babies is their skin. Anybody would love to have a flawless skin like them. There is a reason that it is so clean and far from any irritation. Up until children are born there is no exposure to dust and pollution. But post delivery is when their skin comes in contact with such harsh air quality, is when the problems begin.

Babies are born with very gentle and fragile skin and because of the same reason their skin needs extra protection. Every new parent is the most concerned about baby’s skin. For babies, it is very common to develop rashes and irritation on their skin if proper care is not taken. Every baby has a different skin type, this is another factor to be kept in mind while buying any new products.

When my daughter was born, this is one thing  that worried me the most. With a plethora of products available in the market it was a task to decide which one to pick. For her I made sure to plan a simple routine,  to take care of her skin needs,  which was practical  and very easy to follow at the same time.

  1. MASSAGING – The first step I would follow was massage. Massage not only soothes the baby down but also has a lot of added benefits in general. I would easily take 15- 20 min of undisturbed time with my little one. As a new mom,  I knew it was the first very important step in her skin care routine. Always be sure to use a baby massage oil that is non sticky and mild. Oils that are too sticky might irritate the little ones skin.
  2. BATHING – Post the massage it was time for a warm bath. I used to make sure that the temperature of the water was just perfect. My little one seemed to enjoy this part the most. Even though babies are not much exposed to dust and pollution, they still need to have a bath daily. Mostly, lying at one place often gets them sweaty, specially in summers. Also, the change of diapers every now and then definitely leaves a smell. A warm bath deep cleans all of this , thus avoiding any skin irritation.
  3. MOISTURIZING – The last but not the least. Moisturizing is hands down the most important step that contributes to a healthy baby skin. Post the massage and a bath, i made sure to moisturize my little ones skin well to seal in the water from the bath. Here i’d suggest new moms to use a clinically proven mild lotion, especially the one from Their preferred baby range, twice a day. Once definitely post bath and once during the day or before bedtime.

These were a few steps that I religiously followed to take care of her delicate skin. Luckily, it worked well for me. While following  a routine I also made sure to stick to the products that I started with. Usually changing a lot of products also hampers the baby skin.

Every mother knows the best for her baby. Few tricks work with some while the others don’t. There is no right or wrong when it comes to taking care of your own child. At the end, all mothers want the best. Let me know in the comments below as to what routine/steps did you follow to take care of your baby’s skin needs.

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