A bittersweet feeling.

  The happiest moment in our lives was undoubtedly the time when we got to know we were expecting our first baby.Although I was unwell, still those 9 months were very special.The preparation that went it to welcome our little bundle of joy.New of everything.Clothes, shoes, swaddle blankets, bed sheets.It was finally the time I… Read More A bittersweet feeling.


I am my priority

  I decided to get a haircut for a change, to gain a little confidence in my not so happening monotonous life.I loved my short hair look.I felt more confident in it.His reaction though was not soo great but he said that I looked beautiful.From that very moment onwards I started to justify my look… Read More I am my priority


I am because you are

Having a daughter in the first place is like having a best friend.Being a girl myself,then a woman and now a mom there are a few things i want my daughter to know.I always tried but still failed to understand certain things.Things that were probably crystal clear and still were not able to reach me.I… Read More I am because you are