Toddler temper tantrums

hello everyone, Today after a very long time I wanted to talk to you about something that all mothers have been through.And let me tell you it’s not a very pleasing site.Im talking about toddler temper tantrums.How one moment they are so happy and at peace and suddenly they cry their lungs out and our… Read More Toddler temper tantrums


A bittersweet feeling.

  The happiest moment in our lives was undoubtedly the time when we got to know we were expecting our first baby.Although I was unwell, still those 9 months were very special.The preparation that went it to welcome our little bundle of joy.New of everything.Clothes, shoes, swaddle blankets, bed sheets.It was finally the time I… Read More A bittersweet feeling.


I am my priority

  I decided to get a haircut for a change, to gain a little confidence in my not so happening monotonous life.I loved my short hair look.I felt more confident in it.His reaction though was not soo great but he said that I looked beautiful.From that very moment onwards I started to justify my look… Read More I am my priority