Please give me 5 minutes,alone



The other day I had a plan to meet up my friends over lunch.I got up around 10, had a bath, breakfast was already prepared and served by the time I was out of the bath.I opened my almirah to decide on what clothes to wear, this time of the day is btw very crucial for me.I took a good 20 minutes to decide the same.I wore the outfit, moved on to wear makeup.Spread all of my makeup like a boss on my bed and started getting ready.Oh, just before I forget to mention that all this was a thing of past.Before my daughter was born.

There are so many hilarious changes that happen once you start living your life with your baby.

Now I have to get up before my baby.I no longer make plans when I feel like or when I want to, it all depends on how my baby would feel that day.A relaxing bath is something I have not had in more than 2 years, it’s usually just a 5-minute affair.I usually wear whatever is kept at the front even if it means repeating the same outfit.Keeping my makeup out on the bed now means that nothing will go back in the cupboard in one piece.

Being alone is now a privilege. It is a luxury. It is more liberating than watching a movie that speaks about woman power. If I find myself sitting and having “Hot” tea I thank god for that moment like I was being honored with an Oscar award or when I manage to keep the house clean and tidy for half an hour at a stretch I become so happy that I jump in joy ( in my mind). And if it turns out to be a super lucky day I don’t have to hear my baby cry for something as silly as breaking her toy. Uninterrupted sleep (sounds like a joke) it is gifted to me one random night I pray to god for more such nights like a child prays for a candy. Oh yes, and how can I forget, when I get to pee without my child calling me out to ask how long it will take I feel worried! I rush to my kid to see if she is alright because she missed out on ruining my pee time.

At times people just under-estimate the amount of struggle new moms face.Well, one can only realize the same if you have a child yourself.There is a difference in sympathizing and understanding.All a new mom need is just a little time in a day.ALONE


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  1. Agree after a whole tiring day spent with kids I need some time at least half an hour for myself alone. This even half an hour make me feel relax or calm. Really moms are great in their own way. Very nice write up.

  2. Nice post , could relate with it as have gone through this 😁 A bath seems like a Spa with kids calling you from outside and asking doing shampoo ? 😁

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