Pampers,to the rescue

Diaper brands in india
Diaper brands in India

It is so confusing and stressful being a first ­time mom. Your mom and mom in ­law come to the rescue and you feel a little better as they guide you on what to do. But then they did not belong to the generation of bottles, diapers, I­pads. They did bring us up well, however, now that most moms are also working, convenience and hygiene become top priorities along with safety.

My mom advised me to use cloth for diapering but we ended up in a pile of clothes at the end of every day, smelly beds, and an uncomfortable child who felt uneasy every time she pooped or peed. I felt I was not right. This was not hygienic for my little one to wet her bed and stay wet until I cleaned it up. But was I not against diapers?I started gathering information about diapers, its uses, its effects on baby’s skin and I was happy to find out that, when used properly and in moderation diapers solved all my issues.

They were:



Easy to maintain


I was also worried about rashes and I wanted to make sure I bought the diapers that were gentle on my daughter’s skin and also fit her well. I tried the small packs of different brands to find which fit her well and also to check on the quality. I was most satisfied with Pampers as it fit my daughter well (other diapers did not fit her well). Since then and till a few months back I have stuck to Pampers diapers and then Pampers Pants and I have no complaints till date. I also ensure I carry enough of them while I travel. Things only got better with Pampers Premium Care Pants which also indicated when there was a need for a diaper change.As per my experience following are a few things to keep in mind while using diapers:

1.Make sure it fits your little one and that she is comfortable with moving around in them.

2.Be sure to change the diaper every 4 to 5 hours a day irrespective of the fact whether it’s full or not

3.Use wipes to clean your little one before you change the diaper.

4.Even when you start potty training, stick to diapers during the night and continue training during the day.

5.Don’t put your child in diapers 24 hours.Be sure the child is without diaper for at least 2 to 3 hours a day

These 2.5 years have not been a cakewalk though but thanks to modern parenting they sure have been memorable.



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