Old school way of preserving memories

Our desire to preserve memories from the past is slowly and gradually increasing. With this fast-paced lifestyle, we have everything but time. This is something that often leads to nostalgia.Consider what happens when you experience the power of memoirs or memorabilia. Over the years, I’ve noticed that certain items bring me feelings of joy, belonging, love, and connectedness. I just feel myself more when I go through all the pictures that I or my parents have preserved. Just like my baby photo album

I am someone who loves being old school. For certain people, it might be typically old fashioned but for me, it is literally how I want to be. When my daughter was born I made an effort to preserve each of her first memories with a baby photo album and I’m glad I did that. No matter how advanced the technology gets, I always had that fear of losing her pictures, so got them all printed. There is nothing wrong with getting the pictures printed and keeping them with you to cherish later n in life, I’ll tell you why,

  1. PHOTOS PRESERVE MEMORIES – That exact moment, place and the person can be captured and no matter how much you move on in life, you always have a beautiful picture to look back to.
  2. PHOTOS TAKE US BACK –  One of the best ways to make yourself happy again in the present is to recall happy times. Photos are a great memory-prompt, and because we tend to take photos of happy occasions, they always weight our memories for the good.
  3. PHOTOS TELL A STORY – Wheather it was the first time you met your someone special or the first milestone of your little one, photos always have a special story to tell.
  4. PHOTOS ARE IRREPLACEABLE – In life, a lot of people stay while some leave. People are replaceable but photos are not. Even though you might not be in contact with a particular person, you will always have a photo to smile and cherish.

The best way for me personally has been the above. Looking at an old picture just revives all the memories in a tiny second. Now It is no more a hustle to worry about the same. I came across an app called Photojaanic where photobooks of your favorite pictures can be created in no time. It is as easy as browsing through your favourite website. What is your way of preserving memories? Do let me know in the comments below.

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