No rules for parenting

Parenting as we all know is the process of supporting the physical, intellectual and financial development of a child. Being a parent brings a lot of responsibility along with it. I don’t think a parent can ever be right or wrong be it anybody. Certain things are correct for specific people and incorrect for the rest so it’s practically impossible to say what is right parenting and what is not.

Being a parent myself I’ve never thought or made any specific guidelines according to which I would be bringing my baby up. Bringing up a child is very difficult. It gets more complex once they start making their own decisions.That’s when the parents and child conflicts comes into existence. We as parents think we know what is best for our child but the child thinks otherwise. Parenting is complex you know.

There are certain issues which are no surprise to us, I’m just trying to help in my way to deal with them the way I think would be best. These are a few tips which might help you all.

  • DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN NEED AND WANT- We all are aware of how advanced today’s generation is. My 4 yo knows half the world already I feel. I just can’t fool her.There are times when the child wants a toy or something that the other kid has, no matter how many toys a child has they are always going to be less. Get your child something because he needs them not because the other kid has it and your kid should have it too. Out of love many a times we tend to do this without realizing how we are the very first ones to get our children used to this habit.
  • HELPING WITH HOUSEHOLD CHORES -It may sound point less but it isn’t. A Part of raising children is letting them realize how to be responsible. As I mentioned earlier even a 2 yo understands if I ask her to pass me a remote or anything. For most of the parents this may seem as a task considering they feel that they would put their kids under household chores pressure rather than letting them just play. It doesn’t mean u have to drag your kid into mopping or cooking.You can always start to with things like letting them switch on and off appliances and saying thank you immediately.
  • SELECTING FOOD TO EAT- This I feel is the biggest struggle for every parent no matter how old their child is. Every parent would want their children to have the healthiest of food but kids do not think likewise at all. So as to avoid another conflict here, it’s better to serve them food maybe with a fun presentation. Also kids run away from milk but it is one of the most essential parts of growing up,so rather than serving milk plain up you could add their favourite flavour to it.
  • MAKING THEM REALIZE WHAT IS WRONG- There have been times in all our lives when we must have been so tired that seeing our child doing something wrong we chose to ignore it.That’s not right.We should then and there make the child realize that what he/she is doing should not be repeated again. Out of love or fear of making the child cry we choose not to intervene what they are doing.
  • NOT SHOUTING IN FRONT OF KIDS – Often as a couple first and parents later , a lot of us are so irritated and tired that we tend to burst out on each other not realizing the child notices and understand everything. These are the practices that he/she will continue further and learn the same.
  • LEARN TO SAY NO -We are so madly in love with our children that we just cannot say no to anything. Saying no suddenly becomes so difficult that somewhere the child also realises that come what may my parents can never say no.Unknowingly the child starts take advantage of the  fact. It is very important to say no then and there once you realise that what the child wants is not appropriate.

By paying attention to a few things we can always try to improve ourselves.none of us are perfect parents but we can always strive to be the best role model for our kids.


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