My recent positive pharmacy experience made my day

Being a mom to a toddler I am always on my toes and most of the times I forget a lot of things. The other day my little one was having a severe gastric issue in her tummy, I ran into her room to get the medicine but to my surprise it was over. I knew I was in for an anxiety attack.There is a newly opened pharmacy near my place. I quickly got ready and left to buy the medicine for my little one. On reaching, the ambience was quite usual as it is in any pharmacy. What made me smile in so much chaos also was the fact that the staff politely pointed and told me to come forward. They were sweet enough to attend to me realizing the fact that I was with my toddler.

On asking what I was looking for, I told them my concerns and also decided to buy a few extra regular medicines that were almost about to get over. The staff was well spoken and it was a complete delight. Soon they got all my medicines out, I payed and left.

On reaching home, I realized I made a blunder. I forgot my little ones medicine at the counter itself and got all the others. I almost panicked. While I was still figuring out what to do, my door bell rang. On opening the door, it was a staff member from the same pharmacy who had come to deliver the medicine I left. It just made my day. At times it just takes a little more effort from people to make others smile.

I, before this had never seen or come across such an incident. It just made me smile. I thanked the guy and he left. Also, not to forget I got all the medicines at a great discount which is again very rare. For people who don’t have an insurance can also easily get an amazing discount using triluma coupon card.

I hope you liked reading my article, if you did then please let me know in the comments below. Incidents as such are extremely rare and when I came across one I knew I had to write about the same. It takes just tiny gestures to make someone smile. You never know what the other person is going through.

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