Life lessons we learned from school

Schools are the best time of our lives. Of course we get our education from there but also we learn the best life lessons from our school. Here are a few things that schools teach us

  • Pay attention: When you’re a kid and possess the attention span of a fruit fly, paying attention isn’t the easiest of tasks. This was especially the case when you first entered elementary school. No longer was there naptime or extended periods of time to expend your massive amounts of energy – recess wasn’t nearly long enough.
  • Dealing with the opposite sex is difficult: When you first became interested in the opposite sex, your attempts to figure them out were futile. How do you know if they like you? How do you make them like you? Once you finally get a girlfriend or boyfriend, how do you keep them happy? How do keep yourself happy? And the questions mount as you get older.
  • Follow directions: “Doing your own thing” was always cool, but it would land you in a heap of trouble. Depending on the personality of your teacher, your insubordinate acts might’ve resulted in prison-like experiences. Sitting out recess, enduring detention and coping with isolated lunches were never easy. And when it came to schoolwork, an overlooked detail in the instructions would result in a bloodbath of red ink on the assignment, making it not refrigerator-worthy.
  • Honesty is the best policy: Getting caught in a lie meant trouble. Typically, some sort of punishment was the consequence of telling a verifiable fib to a teacher or principle. Their trust was violated – as they probably told you – and from that point forward even your truthful statements were questioned. Now as an adult, a lie could result losing your job or divorce, for example. Hopefully, you learned your lesson.
  • Treat people with respect: Even during adulthood, not everybody treats their peers with respect. Perhaps the people who don’t missed the “do unto others” lesson in grade school. The ability to empathize with others should’ve been honed during those early stages of social interaction.
  • Always stand up for yourself: Amid the personal struggle of determining whether or not you should conform and give in to peer pressure, it was important that you developed a strong sense of self in the process. Your ability to defend your convictions back then shaped who you’ve become as an adult. On a more basic level, fighting off a bully enabled you to assert yourself as an independent human being who deserved respect. As life has progressed, you’ve likely encountered more bullies, but in different forms, and your will to deal with them was cultivated when you were a child.

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Well, apart from this , the above mentioned were the best life lessons my school taught me. Did you learn the same or were they different? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out my latest post here


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