Let them be

baby-boy-girlWhen you have a daughter you know that” one fine day she will fly away and make her own nest”.My question here is how do u know this already while she is just a kid?maybe she does not want to marry?maybe she wants to be an independent girl and live alone.And I say why not?why should not we support this thing as much as we support our child’s other decisions?

We often hear people talking about a girl child soon after she is born I mean give me a break and let the poor thing atleast breathe.Let her grow up and on her own understand the world as she wants to understand not as you and I would teach her.Soon after a girl child is born topics of marriage come in the way from nowhere and it’s really funny,imagine my child is hardly 2 years old and talking about her marriage and future plans right now?you  got to be insane.Who has made this universal rule that a girl needs a man to complete her,I say a girl needs a man only if she feels she needs him,she can always feel that she is better ff without a man too.It is said that marriage and then having children is the ultimate goal for every girl,I’d like to question what if my child is not interested in getting  married in the first place? leave alone having children. It is said or rather made to feel that a girl should be dependent on a guy even if she is earning,i say why should she?She is equally working hard as the man then why should she be dependent on anyone ? It is said that a girl has to adjust once she is married?I’d like to question why can’t the guy adjust? even he has married the girl with all the rituals and ceremonies and made so many promises,maybe its time to live up to them now.

I’m not saying that the institution of marriage is wrong.I too married the guy whom I love but not under family pressure ,it’s because i wanted to get married with my own wil.A girl should be taught that it’s completely normal even if she doesn’t want to get married?There is no rule book that states so. We read and swear by so many posts on social media,high time we act on them,for them.A child is a child be it a girl or a boy.why cant we just leave everything to them to learn,experience and grow.And just let them be !!

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