Learning in the lap of nature

Nature is god’s gift to mankind. Unfortunately, many people take it for granted, so often this happens that we see lawsuits brought against companies who abuse nature and natural resources. I personally love being around nature, away from the city noise. Not only is this time meant for holidays. Now one can be close to nature even while learning. Kalu Yala is one such place. Kalu Yala is a new village being built in a Panamanian river valley to bring together entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and modern day romantics. Here, they are re-imagining what’s possible from life and designing an optimized model of living to share with the world.


  • You get to go to different places and explore
  • You learn much more than what a text book could ever teach
  • You meet and interact with people from different backgrounds
  • You become independent
  • You can focus more because distractions are lesser

The Kalu Yala Institute offers an alternative study abroad program with a distinct focus on learning-by-doing. You will live, study, and design projects within a burgeoning, sustainable modern town nestled in the tropical Panamanian jungle.

At Kalu Yala, college students and young professionals are granted the opportunity to apply their passions to the real world. Their student-intern model is a unique opportunity for individuals to learn from highly-qualified instructors while orchestrating one’s own adventure. Team members utilize their studies in the search for best practices in sustainability and quality-living. This is the exact truth about Kalu Yala.

Being an excellent platform for self-learning and exploration there were not many Kali Yala concerning thoughts that the visitors had to face.

Along with this, volunteers didn’t have many Kalu Ayala concerns and have had positive experiences year after year!

Being away from friends and family can be difficult, but with a once in a lifetime opportunity, Kalu Yala students build life skills and experience a place they never would have dreamed! With focus and determination students are able to make it work. Starting this year on a super positive note a lot of things were done like:

  1. Building the first small house!
    2. Opening the camp to the public!
    3. Producing a new TV show in line with their values of making the world a better place!!!

Yes, it takes a lot of strength to stand back up. But with the intention of positive work, nothing can stop them I’d say this program would be a travellers paradise. If given a chance would you want to learn, travel and help the society at the same time? Do let me know in the comments below!


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