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The fondest memory I have as a child is of the cartoons I have watched and the rhymes I have heard. If I sit down even today I know each and every cartoon characters name and also the beautiful rhymes by heart. When I was a child, technology was not a major part of our lives then, we heard everything from either our teachers or from our parents. One such channel i found recently is KIDZMIXFLIX

Today technology has developed to an altogether different level. With so much new to learn and see it is a great and proud feeling that our children have so much to look forward to already. My little one is hardly 3 years old but knows most of the poems. Now one question that comes to my mind very often is how? How did my child learn so much, much more than I taught him/her? Well again, all thanks to technology.

Nothing is bad if used in the correct way. My little one loves to watch youtube videos, I make sure she learns a thing or two even while getting entertained. Some time back I came across a channel on youtube KIDZFLIXMIX. Since then we are regular viewers of the same.


The above-mentioned youtube channel has been introduced by SUNROOF MUSIC. For years, Sunroof music has written, produced and released outstanding kids product on the music market.

Some of their projects: Smurfs, Paddington Bear, Dinosaurs, Postman Pat, Donald Duck, Babar, Spot the Dog, Bump the Elephant, Rupert Bear, to name just a few.

The Smurf albums, written and produced by Barrie Corbett and Frans Erkelens, sold millions and millions worldwide both in the late seventies/early eighties and in the nineties/early 2000, winning several awards including gold and platinum disks in various countries and a GRAMMY award nomination for the American “Best of Friends” Smurf album.
The Dinosaur album was produced just before the huge hit movie Jurassic Park. The album was incredibly successful and was therefore produced in more than 15 languages which resulted in huge sales worldwide.



KIDZFLIXMIX is a youtube channel for kids. Apart from the fact that it keeps children entertained, according to me it also teaches them a lot. It’s just like learn and play concept that I usually follow. The series of songs they have is peppy, cheerful and informative at the same time. There a You can check their channel.


ANIMAL MIX – The animal mix dvds have 13 fun songs with narrations between each song. Many of the songs/cartoons are also available in Spanish, German, French, Dutch and more. It is a treat to watch these animals narrating the poems and songs. This definitely has to be my first favourite from kidzmixflix

DINOMIX – The dino mix contains 12 fun songs again with between each song some semi educational information about the dinosaurs. These are also available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Czech and Norwegian. Dinosaurs are something that is actually extinct now. This series is great as it provides needful information about the same and is my another favourite from kidzmixflix.


* One of the nicest kid’s channels for English speaking
* Sing along song help children engage
* Narration and animation between the songs
* Sung by animal like characters
* Animal characters narrating all this also helps kids learn about them

To all the parents who want to make sure that their child is learning even while playing, this is it.

Please check out their youtube channel RIGHT HERE

Hope you all find this of some help

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  1. Very Nice…
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    U r going gr8…
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  2. Never heard about this youtube channel for kids. As a parents its so difficult to decide what is good for kids and whats not. Your post is very helpful to parents of little ones.

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