Introducing books to babies

Introducing books to babies doesn’t mean pushing them onto reading and understanding right away. The main aim is to have fun. While they have fun, for sure they are learning a thing or two. Every baby has it’s own pace so the best you can do is give them their own sweet time to deal with things.

We all want our children to get the best start in life and we as parents try our best to inculcate the same.

There are plenty of educational toys, learning programs to be precise. But as parents, we all learn one rule very early which is that a baby will do things only and if he wants to do it, Being pushy or strict won’t help at all.

Making reading fun is the best way to encourage your child to try the same. The best way is to start introducing books to children from the very beginning.


Babies in usual do not have a lot of choices when it comes to activities, the best for them are visual ones. There is a reason why babies are attracted to loud colors and also sounds sometimes. This is what initially help in the base form of their introduction to books.

So what sort of things should you put into their world? First and foremost, of course, they need lots of cuddles and kisses. Again the question arises that how early is too early to introduce babies to books. I say it’s never too early because nowadays babies are very actively introduced to phones. This is very harmful in a long way, introducing books instead is a great start.


Introducing books to babies

The first question that comes to our mind is actually where to start? Well, the answer is there is no age that is too early to start. Even as babies, they can identify the parent’s voice and feel comforted by it at the same time.

Babies will not really understand what you read to them but they will definitely feel connected to your voice. Try and read the book aloud and clearly when you do so.

This will be a great beginning. Always try and hold your baby while reading. It makes them feel secure and also makes them better with their listening skills for future.


Introducing books to babies

An important aspect when it comes to reading is while introducing books which is the kind of books you should choose? Newborns cannot really concentrate a lot on color and detail –books for them should be ideally very small and have basic shapes (not necessarily colorful).

Different shapes, random objects anything will do the trick. The baby might spend quite some time doing the same. Don’t be upset if your baby doesn’t. Every baby is different we all know. Try and help them by making them touch and feel the books


Introducing books to babies


As soon as you feel your baby can concentrate on a short book from start to finish, start reading short stories. Make sure there is plenty of big pictures, rhymes, and colors.

As your child grows old and will be able to concentrate better never ask them to back out, let them take their time. Indulge them as much as you can.

These early, small efforts that you make with your little one will have huge impacts in future and without a doubt, it will be positive. Not only does the child acquire a great routine but also improvisation will be seen in the kind of language they use for their daily life.

My little one is 3 yo and loves all kind of books. I started introducing them to her when she was just a few months old. She would stare at pictures continuously. My heart literally fills with love when she runs and brings her books to me now, asking me to read.

Have you started reading with your baby?


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