Independent play and it’s benefits

Parenting is undoubtedly very difficult. We however as parents are totally blessed to be able to cope up with everything so well. Each one of us loves our own children more than anything on this planet but as humans we too have a saturation point. At times with such a hectic lifestyle, and over burden of family and work we tend to feel so tired that there isn’t any energy left to entertain our children. This is where independent play comes in the scenario.

Ever wondered of a scenario, where there is absolutely no chaos in your house and your toddler is very much at home ?  Seems like a distance dream to most of us right? Well this isn’t a dream anymore, It is very much possible to train children or make them learn the habit of Independent play.  By the age of 2 I feel every child is very much capable of doing the same. This might take a while, you can’t just expect it to happen overnight. The key is just to be patient and keep these things in your mind while trying to do the same


1. Helps in improving focus for toddlers 
2. Improves attention span
3. Helps in exploring the creative side of the child
4. Makes them independent 

These are a few benefits of independent play with toddlers. As a child gets more and more independent in playing, he/she attains focus in the same area. Knowing that he/she is alone in a particular play, the child takes complete responsibility of the same and this ultimately helps attain focus. As slowly this practice comes in routine, this expands he attention span of the child. Expansion in the child’s attention span helps the child think better and be more and more creative.

Most of all it prepares the child to be totally independent. This not only prepares him for the better but also develops the little one as an individual. Independent play is one of those really awesome things both you and your child can benefit immensely from. If you are just starting, be encouraged. Once you get going, it becomes second nature to your child, and he will learn to really enjoy this time. Teaching our children this important basic skill offers an opportunity to encourage creativity, problem-solving, orderliness, and independence just to name a few.


One important thing o keep in mind is to avoid interacting with your child during this time. You want your child to play on his own so it’s the best to take a back step.


Check on them every so often to make sure they are okay. If you can, try to do this discretely so your child does not see you. When my daughter sees me she usually gets upset because she thinks I am coming to get her out. My daughter is much happier if she plays alone without seeing me.

I hope you found this blog to be useful, if you did then please let me know in the comments section below.


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