Important car seat safety tips for new parents

*SPONSORED POST* As a parent, you always make sure that your little one is secure be it inside the house or outside. We go the extra mile to ensure the safety of our children be it in schools, playground and even at a friend’s place. One thing that is often less discussed is about car seat safety.

In a country like ours, where traffic is at its peak this topic of discussion should be a priority. I have been someone who constantly used a car seat for my little one and I wanted to share a few tips with you all

car seat safety tips for new parents

1). KEEP THE CAR SEAT STRAPS SECURE – At times when playing around children tend to loosen up the straps and that can prove to be risky. Make sure to strap the kids properly to ensure car seat safety.

2). KEEP THE KIDS IN REAR-FACING POSITION – It is said that the kids are best safe when placed in the rear facing position in the car seats. And this practice should continue until your child weighs 13kgs or more.


3). CHECK THE CAR SEAT EXPIRY DATE – Just like everything else even car seats have an expiry date. It is made of plastic and hence after continuous use, it becomes brittle. Always keep in mind to replace the car seat with time.

4). AFTER INSTALLATION, GET THE CAR SEAT CHECKED BY A TECHNICIAN – Most of us think we know enough. But the fact is we don’t. Rather than playing around with the safety of our children its best to take assistance. Always get your car seat checked by an expert once you have installed it.

Keeping these few things in mind, a lot of accidents can be avoided. If you are a new parent and confused about buying a new car seat, we’ve got you sorted. Head on to cars.com

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I hope this blog was helpful to you, do let me know in the comments if it was. Also, don’t forget to check my blog on THE EMOTIONS I FELT ON MY DAUGHTER’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL



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