Letter to a father in law


Before you start wondering about any specific person you know who is blessed with a good father in law or a mother in law let me tell you our own is pretty good.

One thing that springs to my mind is that fathers care deeply about there children.Before they feel comfortable about “giving away” their son or daughter on their wedding day, they want to be reassured that the person who will hold their child’s heart for life is a good person, able to bring out the best in them.

letter to a father in law

All fathers want to see their child happily married to someone worthy of them, someone who is more committed to their child’s well being than they are themselves.I personally being more close to my dad had like really alien thoughts on how would my father in law be.How would he treat me?Would I be as comfortable to say what I want to?and all thoughts of questions that you can imagine.

To my surprise not once did I feel the awkwardness.He made me feel that my dad is still around.Just by making me comfortable in basic things like i could wear what I wanted without being questioned, I could wake up at any time(I swear I’m not lying), I could tell him when my husband irritated the hell out of me and get him a good scolding, I could give my opinion on everything(being the strong headed person I am, it was kind of obvious).

A father in law is the one who is often, as a topic carried away with “THE IN-LAWS”.He is the one who is still a father of a daughter, his own daughter.And now he is also someone who is ready to welcome his daughter in law with an open mind and heart. It takes a lot of heart to welcome someone else’s daughter into your own family and love her as much as your own. The appreciation that should be given in this case is very casually waved off.

But nonetheless, I am proud to have a father in law like mine.

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2 thoughts on “Letter to a father in law

  1. My lovely sister
    U r too good. Ur jolly nature
    nd urs positive energy
    Is d reason fr making
    every1 happy around u
    Nd ur positive vibes makes everything perfect nd fine.

    Nd yes u r blessed with d worlds best father in law we all knw.
    Lv u nd thnk u unkl g.
    ( #shukar#waheguru#g# )

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