I am because you are


Having a daughter in the first place is like having a best friend.Being a girl myself,then a woman and now a mom there are a few things i want my daughter to know.I always tried but still failed to understand certain things.Things that were probably crystal clear and still were not able to reach me.I just want you,my daughter to be who you are and take everything as it comes.Here are a few thins that i definitely want you to understand that i somewhere could not

  • Be Confident your confidence is what makes your image presentable before the world.
  • Being Beautiful inside will always make people attracted to you.
  • Love yourself first no matter what hurts only self love can make you strong.
  • Live your life to the fullest everyday because tomorrow always comes with a new story.
  • If you commit a Mistake take the responsibility and make sure to give your 101% to correct it because life genuienly gives a second chance to the good souls.
  • Educate yourself everyday with things in your surroundings i.e people, place and things. Born to learn ,have that attitude.
  • Be Observant because day dreaming is waste of time. Dreams are built in with open mind and loving heart and only than reality can strike a chord.
  • Believe in your Dreams they are your fuel to a great life.
  • Live life like a Princess in your daddy’s arms because you will be the Queen who will be throned with our family name to make a mark for us.
  • Have a good number of Great Friends they will always be with you when you need some one to talk at those odd hours.
  • Have a solid time at School you will miss it once you are out of that crazy world.
  • Don’t settle for just being my daughter.I want you to be there where my identity starts as being your mom.I m already happy to be always referred as Your Mom may this echo in the galaxy.
  • Don’t ever be an Option in someone’s life ,always be on the top Priority.
  • Be Protective about yourself. Use your powers to take care of yourself.
  • Be Humble Grateful and Honest.
  • Be Yourself always
  • There is no one as Important as you and you can never be defined by being someone else.
  • Always remember to have conversations with yourself. Self motivationis very powerful.
  • Remember to be thankful to God no matter how life seems to flow.
  • Take care of your well being it starts with being healthy to be wealthy.
  • Always make sure to add goodness and love in whatever you do.Just a little always adds to make the world a better place. Good deeds add goodness.
  • Change is permanent, remember this always.

As these are the few lessons I learnt from life and I shared with you today as this will help you mould yourself in a beautiful being my daughter.

Remember darling papa and me will be always there around you. But now as you grow you are like the sapling you are now going to face the harsh sunlight , the strong rain showers and at times you will be deprived of both. But you have to grow and be strong to emerge as a beautiful flower. Papa and me are like the roots down we will be there but you have to make youself visible through your beauty.

To the world you may be a tiny dot in the galaxy but you are the world to papa and me.

With time and again I shall share with you some more beautiful thoughts because my love for writing was born with you.

So I Thank you today for helping me find myself within the words.

I am because you are

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