Healthy winter food for your child

My not so favourite time of the year is here. While I love the Christmas vibe that is almost here, I ate the cold. When the temperatures drop and the daylight hours are shorter, energy levels can take a big dip, right along with mood. Kids might be less active in the cold, winter months, making it extra important to focus on adequate nutrition this time of year. Healthy winter food is something I am always on a lookout for

Just as every other parent I too struggle a lot to feed something nutritious to my daughter. It’s such a herculean task I tell you. Today, I’m sharing healthy winter foods for kids with you all.


healthy winter food

The same plant that is used to ward off vampires is believed to help do the same with the common cold. Packed with the chemical allicin, garlic releases a powerful antioxidant, when it decomposes, thus helping our bodies ward off illness. Little ones may not be willing to dip into a roasted garlic dip, but a few slices of garlic bread may work for them.


healthy winter food

Nutrient-dense carrots may help your little one’s eyes, but in the Winter, the  veggies help boost the body’s white blood cell count to improve the immune system’s fight against colds and viruses. This is the most common form of illness for kids. Carrots, to an extent can help avoid the same. It’s one of my favourite winter food.



healthy winter food

The good bacteria found in yogurt increases the immune system’s antibodies allowing the body to better fight off illness. Aside from traditional cups of yogurt, pack in the good bacteria with a fun fruit dip that little ones will gobble up! Now life is easier with flavoured yogurts and my daughter loves them.



healthy winter food

Packed with vitamins A and C, folic acid,  spinach may be a wonder food. Getting kids to eat it is another story altogether. From mashing them into a gravy to making a parantha with the same,  we’ve got plenty of ways to incorporate it into their diet. Most of the children are fussy about eating greens but this is when we have to act smart and try and feed them the same by hook or by crook.

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  1. That’s true feeding lil ones is a task I try to at least give two healthy meals a day for sure as u mention flavoured yogurt that’s my sons fav too I think we have to modify food to make healthy food interesting
    Keep blogging ur blogs are so helpful ❤️❤️❤️

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