Freedom after marriage


I was not even 22 when I got married.As usual people have a habit of blabbering stuf,.so they did,saying “marriage will be a huge change”,”your life will turn upside down”,”u don’t know how in laws are”,”u can never judge anybody until you stay with them n so on”.I felt or rather I was made to feel that I was going to hell.NONSENSE!!

As usual not paying much attention to them I moved forward.Got married and to my surprise marriage was actually just the beginning of my freedom.It came as the biggest blessing.I was as free as I could ever be.My friends got married too.But i had never heard this phase from anyone.I was a free free free bird. Not that my parents were not cool enough or restricted me from doing stuff but it is kind of a big deal to get this thing once you are married.Here firstly being in the same house we were still not with them,we had separate floors.Our own space,just like i always dreamt of.Nobody to invade our privacy.I could still roam around in shorts and a rugged tshirt(which too i had dreamt of) without my parents in law thinking what is wrong with me.The first few days were hectic after marriage but they went quite well you know the usual stuff aunties coming in to meet me,getting gifts(gifts were the best part btw).

Luckily I and Rahul had a crackling chemistry.There were days when we would go out and the best part was that there was no time for coming back.We could be back by 2 or 3 or maybe come back in the morning and we had no one to ask us.And even when we came back high on spirits we did not have to quietly make our way in the house.We felt like bonds.”Humara ghar,kon kuch kahega types”. Well, I told u earlier we are mad like that so i’d like to stick to that still.Rahul’s parents were sweet hearts.Still are I mean.Rahul was, is and i’m sure will continue to be my biggest support ever.He guided me at every step like a baby telling what to do and certain times how to behave.You heard that right.

Its really depressing to see how people change from sita to geeta sorts after marriage.Its just marriage not re incarnation that you got to be this way.Why cant people accept the fact that its somebody else;s daughter whose coming to your house for you,your son leaving everything behind.Why does that tag of a daughter in law come with a new bride as a scheme??Society expects us to behave a certain way,eat a certain way, act a certain way after marriage.Why can’t we just be us.Women are not transformers.They cannot unrealistically transform into your ideal mentality kind of daughter inlaws.They gradually adapt themselves to situations learning something new everyday.If everyone could just understand how important it is to give time to the new member making her feel welcome and not on the second day after marriage stressing her to be perfect.How beautiful everything around would be and how easy everything would seem if only this happened.

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  1. Freedom after marriage is must for couples now a days. Ur story is totally relatable to mine. Wish Life remains the same 😊

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