Everything else can wait

Everything else can wait
Everything else can wait

We as women are always over burdened with work; be it office work, housework or looking after the family. Often we are so occupied with things that we choose to ignore ourselves. For us family comes first, which is not wrong; however, how we get so engrossed in the daily chores and ignore ourselves is definitely not acceptable.

We as women should realize that it is important to keep fit, look good. Because it is us on whom our family is dependent. Everything else can wait. It is common to see a housewife skipping meals just because she is busy attending to the other people of the family. I was one of them. But as it is said that it’s never too late. I realized that my meals, my health is equally important. I should not take it lightly.

One of the major concerns that we have as mothers today is abdominal fat. The first thing people think of it is that their extra abdominal fat is simply ugly or is covering up their abs and make self-conscious about showing off their body. What people fail to realize is that excess fat or hidden fat, in particular, is not only ugly but a major risk factor for your health. Although it is generally unhealthy to have excessive fat in your body, it is particularly dangerous to have fat accumulated in a specific area.

Hidden fat can be really harmful to health in the long run. It should be a priority for all of us to work on ourselves first and then maybe tackle other things. After recently I got to know about all this I was actually shocked that fat is much more than just the name itself. I decided to step and make a few changes to my unfit past and make new health and fitness resolutions. They mainly include:

3 liters of water daily – Water not only keeps us hydrated but also keeps the organs functioning well by flushing out all the toxins from our body.

Consuming low-fat dairy products – Low-fat products do not particularly mean that they are less tasty. You can have the same taste at the cost of much fewer calories.

15 minutes of brisk walk – Even if it is for a short time it definitely has a lot of positive effects like it strengthens our heart and reduces disease risk.

These are a few things that I try to do daily. I realized it is not important that you do everything at once. Starting slowly would surely benefit all of us in future.

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