Every father must have a daughter

“A son is a son till he gets himself a wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life“.We all must have heard this endless times.I actually started understanding it after I got married. Earlier it was just a part of a song from kareena kapoors movie. yes!!.That is true.You have no idea how embarrassed I am right now.Anyway,now when I understand it,it makes so much sense and fits into every newly married girls life.

Adjusting in my new married life,my in-laws,my husband,new home,made me feel that every father in the world should have a daughter.To basically understand what another dad feels like.To actually think before taking any step and realising that this girl too belonged somewhere. A father daughter relationship is one of its kind.My father has been the coolest person ever,I was closer to him than my mother.Imagine I used to call him and inform that I was bunking college that day and he used to just laugh it off.

The weird feeling sank in after I got married and  I had to take permission to go and meet my father,the newly weds do that.There was this constant battle in my heart and mind that” why the hell do i need permission to go to my own house and meet me own father“.That is when i felt every man,a father should have a daughter in order to understand his wife. And now when I have a daughter I knew I was right.I see a completely changed man.Now I often make him realise now you know how my parents felt when they would wait for me to come home and you just cancelled plans not realising how big of a deal it was for me.Would you be able to take it if your child went through the same?

Even though I have been very lucky in this phase of life but not everyone is.We all know someone who is fighting a constant battle everyday,every minute.Imagine if both a daughter and a father have to think twice to meet each other,imagine how a father would feel when he is no longer the number one man in her life.Imagine how a father would feel if he comes to know his daughter is sad or depressed.

Respect your wife ,your mother. Both of them have left their homes to make a home for you,your father. Though she is a mom,a wife,a mother now,but she still is her father’s daughter too.

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