Dowry,a social evil

In today’s world, it would be unfair if I say a girl is not equal to a boy.Rather I’m proud to say that let alone being equal, girls are much more forward in their ambitions and in achieving them.India is one of those countries who are gender bias.We all know this.According to a survey that I read somewhere, morocco and India are the two countries that score around 40% in gender-biased intolerance.Nothing that we should be proud of. Also, India is a country where dowry is still practiced.

In India as soon as a girl is born even before congratulating the new parents, people in their minds have this alien thought that forces them to start calculating the new parent’s income to get their outcome of how much dowry they would be able to pay to the girl when they marry her off.I mean seriously? Yes, it is true.We have had such people in all our families, right?

Dowry, a social evil

So as we all are aware that DOWRY is the practice where the bride’s father is supposed to give gifts to the girl and her new family.Well, it’s just not a gift nowadays, it’s much much more than that.This practice has been carried on since forever I feel.Long time back when people did not have many sources of money and mostly everybody’s profession was farming, this tradition started.And because the girl could never inherit her father’s assets, everybody expected the father to gift her whatever he wanted to on her marriage.

Earlier it was restrained to certain gifts or necessary household items.But today it has become a sort of business.I have often heard people saying”you don’t need to buy this, you are getting married” which means they will eventually get it from the girls family.Dowry is something that should have been abolished a long time back.Why is it always that the father who is already giving his daughter away expected to give so much more to the grooms family? If people say that it is something that your daughter will use, But it is also something that the daughter’s husband will also use.So why in the first place is it the bride’s family’s responsibility.If it is for the betterment of the newly married couple, so that they get all comforts of life then why doesn’t the grooms family to take the initiative to give half the things.

Dowry is a social evil that is slowly eating up the society.What a day would be when fathers no more have to worry about getting a daughter married as soon as she is born and just live that moment as they would had it been a son.

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