Diwali is here and so are the old memories

Diwali as we all know is a festival we indian’s eagerly wait for every year.It is the time of the year when so many things happen together.While on one hand we see the weather changing and on the other hand we see a calmness that takes over the city.Days are shorter,nights are longer.Houses are deep cleaned and lit up with lights suddenly feel I’m in love with everything around me. There is a whole new energy around and it is just so uplifting.

Almost 4 years back,  that is 2014 was Amaira, my baby bug’s first Diwali.We were super-duper excited knowing that it was her first festival and what could be better than Diwali.We got the best clothes for all of us. I wanted my baby to look the best,obviously that goes without saying. House was cleaned,curtains were washed, new bed spreads were taken out from storage. Our house was new again. Mommy, daddy and baby were all set to bring in Diwali.

We were so busy in getting everything perfected that we almost forgot about one more thing that Diwali brings along,CRACKERS. All of us have loved crackers at some point in our lives and so did we.The noise of crackers never felt something odd or annoying until and unless we had a baby.On the eve of Diwali, while everything was picture perfect,we were just done with pooja and I heard the crackers beginning to burst. My little pony was too small then so I thought that she wouldn’t really come to know of the noise and would sleep peacefully. But i was majorly wrong. The sound of crackers had just started and she started to move , feeling uneasy. At first we did not realise it was due to the noise.

An hour into it, she started crying on the top of her voice.We were just three months into being parents,we were still learning,we panicked.When the ear shattering bombs go off, it’s not only the sound then but also the echoes that go around in the neighbourhood that move us inside out.We shut all the windows and doors tight to make the room as sound proof as possible but it dint work.She woke up and they way the noise levels were increasing I was sure she wasn’t going to go off to sleep anytime soon and Rahul took turns to pick her up and walk around the room, that’s what we did every time she was cranky.We put in all out thought of how to put a 10 week old to sleep in the middle of this noise. I have no memory of having dinner that night.

Slowly around 11pm the noise started to subside and she finally went to sleep. Diwali might be a great festival to celebrate but no matter how many appeals there are all over the internet to not burst crackers,the cracker bursting population is so inconsiderate for the people around them and I don’t really feel it’s ever going to change.

Lat year to my surprise was a year where crackers were banned apparently, but a few people still went on with them. This year too only low sound crackers or as we call them green crackers are permitted. Diwali is such a beautiful celebration when the city seems so so beautifully lit up. I feel it would be even better with no crackers around. Just lots of love and laughter

Do let me know your thoughts about the same

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