Did i even have a choice?


I and my husband were super excited when we got to know that we were pregnant.It was the first of February when we got the reports positive.Our emotions knew no bound.We were happy, we were nervous, we were on the verge of crying too.All of this was experienced by us in just a single moment. I couldn’t think of anything beyond that. Unknowingly I had another pressure on me, of not getting a section done.

did I even have a choice for a c section delivery

I was already 5 weeks pregnant when we got to know about it actually.The few initial days went ok but it was mainly after the 7th week that I realized how my pregnancy would probably be.I suddenly felt so sick.All I used to do was vomit all day.I could not even digest a single biscuit.I took a sigh of relief around the 8th month when my vomitings were quite settled down.But then it was not much time left for the baby to pop out.

A normal delivery has been so hyped up in our Indian society.Any person who by wish or choice, wishes for c section delivery is actually frowned upon.I was one of them.I could not imagine delivering my baby normally.Initially, I was dead scared but after a lot of convincing from my mom and people around I had made up my mind that it is the best when the baby is delivered normally.Not that my opinion mattered that much but still.

My baby was due on 5th of October.We had a routine check up on the 15th of September and I was told that I need to get an emergency operation tomorrow itself.I was numb.The doctor said that the baby had two loops of umbilical cord around the neck.My mom panicked and so did i.We told her we wanted to wait so that the cord gets untangled on its own.To which she said, “if you want to wait, I would not be responsible for anything that happens to you next”.In such a case what was I supposed to do?Put my baby and me at the risk? I couldn’t.No mom would.We told the doctor to go ahead with the operation.

A few of us want to give birth naturally, a few of us want to give birth via operation to save ourselves from the pain.But the question is if it really depends on our choice.Rather, do we even have a choice?

I hope you liked the blog and could connect yourself to my story. If you have been through a similar situation or know somebody who has, let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to check my blog on how our lives changed after the baby


6 thoughts on “Did i even have a choice?

  1. I am exactly one month ahead of you in all these dates you mentioned. And you really don’t have a choice. Though I had a normal delivery but I was ready for a c sec if required because baby’s health is the first priority ❤️

  2. You hit the cord right dear, I too agree to over hyped drama of normal v/s operation delivery…. it’s the choice of the lady – it’s her baby, her health, her life & absolutely her choice. Well written post.

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