When we went that extra mile,just for you

In life, there are different phases that we all go through.We get married, in just a single moment we have so many relations attached to us. A wife, a daughter in law, a sister in law! But after marriage, the major step that changes our life again is when we move on to become parents.I was always who was a clean addict.

I used to live alone with my husband. After a point our life was monotonous, we were so bored of each other until one day when we got to know that we were expecting our first child.The monotony just disappeared, we felt happy, nervous, excited.It actually took us a few days to get over this fact or I’d say rather settle down with it. We were on cloud 9.

I was someone who was very particular about cleaning. Just the mere thought that I have to be extra careful and prepared before the baby comes already put me in a panic zone. It is believed that one should not buy new clothes for the newborn until you enter the third trimester. Every time we went to the mall my eyes were stuck to the kid’s section. I wanted to buy each and everything. But we waited even if it was not so patiently, but we did. Finally, the day came when we actually went out to shop only and exclusively for the baby.

Once we were done with shopping i came home and took out the clothes probably 10 times out of the packet to adore how beautiful they were. The next day began my cleaning spree. All the new clothes were washed twice and then dipped in an antiseptic. An antiseptic was always a crucial part of my cleaning routine. This was even there before we were expecting.

A bucket was filled with water and half a cap of antiseptic for dusting the whole house. Baby’s new cupboard was brought and as a routine was cleaned again. The same was done while mopping the floor, to clean the sheets and wraps of the baby. I was in such a different zone that I even washed my own bed sheets with the same. I wanted my house germ free. At times my friends used to have such a laugh that generally people’s houses smelt of vanilla and lavender fragrances and ours smelt of an antiseptic. The familiar smell that every hospital room has! It just used to calm me down so much. This commercial by Dettol reminds me so much of all that I did.


Having a child changes everything. Even if one is conscious before the baby, it is human nature that you tend to get so much more anxious in order to clean everything. After all the cleaning the only thing we wanted was our baby to be with us.


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