A bittersweet feeling.

  The happiest moment in our lives was undoubtedly the time when we got to know we were expecting our first baby.Although I was unwell, still those 9 months were very special.The preparation that went it to welcome our little bundle of joy.New of everything.Clothes, shoes, swaddle blankets, bed sheets.It was finally the time I… Read More A bittersweet feeling.


I am because you are

Having a daughter in the first place is like having a best friend.Being a girl myself,then a woman and now a mom there are a few things i want my daughter to know.I always tried but still failed to understand certain things.Things that were probably crystal clear and still were not able to reach me.I… Read More I am because you are


I’m glad i did not celebrate my child’s first birthday

Becoming a parent in itself is such a fulfilling feeling.You feel you have accomplished everything and that there is nothing more than this.The first year is all the more special in every way you can imagine because this is the year when the child hits every first milestone.First time walking,first time taking,first tooth,first word,first solid… Read More I’m glad i did not celebrate my child’s first birthday