When boyfriend became husband

A new life began for me when I got engaged to the love of my was 2012.There were so many people around but his eyes were only glued to me.That feeling when you get knowing how special you are to someone is just out of the world.Our courtship period was actually full of calls and more calls.Late night texts messages, gifts, dinner dates, lunch dates and everything crazy basically. It was crazy how random our plans were and that was what I loved the most. There was no pretense of looking the best, I just had to be myself and honestly, this was the way I wanted to be.Little did I know boyfriend would become typical husband material soon.

when boyfriend became husband

The guy who would skip meeting his friends for me now tells me he’s too busy to go out with me.The guy who would love love love to dress up the has his urge to change into PJs as soon as he is home.The guy who would actually just come anywhere to meet me once now sits like right beside me and I literally feel I don’t exist.He is too busy to catch that match on tv.The guy who would once suggest me every outfit I wore now tells me to wear anything, it’s not that everybody is going to see you.The guy who behaved like a perfect gentleman once now has to be literally pushed because he takes up my space as well on the bad.

Compliments became a thing of past, flowers became something knows as a waste of money, chocolates became too childish, teddy bears became toys just for babies, meals outside became home cooked food, general surprises just vanished like this thing never happened. It was really surprising to me at first but then somewhere my own mind had accepted the same thing. I did feel out of place and very let down for a few instances but then practically thinking I knew it was not the end of the world.

Most of you might think I’m heartbroken after all this, which I’m actually not.Just learned that the transition from boyfriend to the husband is quite fast.You won’t come to know when the man of your dreams turns himself into the perfect husband.Everybody here came before me.So for everybody reading this the only thing I like to say is to make the most of it before this transition happens.

I’m sure this was relatable to a lot of you, do let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check my blog on how dowry is still a part of our society.

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