Best space saving hacks for travellers

Whenever I headed to a vacation, I always found it to be the biggest struggle to pack my necessities. I bring a ton of my belongings because I always feel like dressing up on a holiday. I was also the worst packer ever because I’d actually throw everything into my luggage and try to zip it closed, which was most of the times impossible. The majority of the time, I had to bring extra bags because I couldn’t make enough space for other things. I hated bringing so many bags because they were a total pain to drag them through the airport and finally into my hotel room.

I was desperate to find ways to make more space in my luggage so I wouldn’t have to bring so much bags. After figuring out a few ways, I finally got hold of so many space-saving packing hacks that helped me bring fewer bags ! If you’re just as hopeless as I was, follow these brilliant tips and tricks to make more room in your luggage.

Stuff your shoes with socks.

When you pack your shoes, there’s space inside of the shoes that you can fill with almost anything that you want to. You can store socks right into your shoes so you’re not searching through your luggage for a pair of socks to wear. This usually happens to me most of the time.

You can also store any other necessity in the holes of your shoes like accessories or even toiletries like toothpaste. Remember, you want to take up as little room as possible so you don’t have to bring another bag with you for your travels. Using the space in shoes for storage is one of the best space-saving packing hacks you should start doing for all of your packings.

Roll your clothes

You should stop folding and stacking your clothes because this is taking up so much room in your bag. The best way to really make more space and pack in more clothes is rolling them. You wont believe how much space it actually saves if you roll them. When you roll your clothes, you can easily stuff them next to each other and they don’t consume much space.

Use traveling bottles for all of your toiletries.

When you’re bringing shampoos, conditioners, lotions, or anything else with you on vacation, they can consume a lot of space in your luggage because many of them are in large, hefty sizes. Instead of bringing the bottles, why not transfer some of them into smaller-sized tubes?

Use your sunglasses cases for extra storage room.

If you own a pair of sunglasses or glasses that come with a large case, those cases can be used to store your smaller belongings! Not many people know that using your glasses case is one of the most genius space-saving packing hacks because you can store so much and it won’t take up much room in your bag. You can also check out D. Scott Carruthers

These were a few tricks that always help me and help me pack well. I hope you found them useful, do let me know in the comments section if you did.

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